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Building Great Brands Consumers Love

Building a great brand that consumers love is crucial for nearly every company. And this is particularly true for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers that strive to design, manufacture, and deliver products that delight shoppers.

However, CPG companies at different stages of growth face very different challenges. For example, a long-standing brand may be dealing with legacy systems, technical debt, and outdated marketing tactics. Meanwhile, emerging brands that built their brand on social media may need guidance to augment social media success with more sophisticated marketing methods, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-based personalization. Moreover, emerging CPG companies may need help implementing state-of-the-art capabilities that accelerate innovation as well as customer and consumer engagement and interactions.

But regardless of your company’s maturity, all CPG brands have faced extreme volatility in the last few years. This includes lockdowns and shifting buying patterns due to the COVID-19 pandemic; global supply chain issues that have impacted both the manufacturing of products and the delivery of finished goods; as well as more benign but equally important issues, such as the demise of third-party marketing cooking and more stringent consumer privacy laws. CPG companies are refocusing on retail execution and building consumer loyalty, increasing market share, and delivering on their brand promises as markets reopen and shoppers return to the store.

Diving deep

Drawing on over 25 years of market-leading experience from, we’ve recently released a new eBook to explain how CPG companies can utilize innovative cloud capabilities to manage the challenges of a rapidly evolving landscape by:

  • Digitizing the production facility.
  • Modernizing supply chain operations.
  • Transforming B2B retail interactions and information exchange.
  • Creating one-to-one relationships with consumers.
  • Increasing business agility and flexibility with a modern IT infrastructure.
  • Establishing an advanced innovation mechanism for the enterprise.

Build Great Brands Consumers Love: How CPG Companies Can Use AWS to Personalize Brand Experiences & Drive Consumer Loyalty showcases technologies and use cases from various global CPG brands, and it provides a framework for how to approach industry innovations.

Customer obsession

Most worldwide CPG brands are partnering with AWS to tackle business challenges, modernize technology platforms, develop innovative new products, and connect with consumers in innovative new ways. Here are a few of the consumer brands that you can read about in our eBook:

  • Coca-Cola Freestyle – Learn how Coca-Cola used AWS technologies and consulting services to create a touchless beverage pouring solution just weeks after the COVID-19 lockdowns rippled across the globe. Not only was this innovative new product impressive, but also it let consumers worldwide know that Coca-Cola cared about their health and safety.
  • Dollar Shave Club – Find out how this popular digital-native CPG brand amped up its data analytics capabilities with AWS services. Now, marketing teams can generate reports in minutes instead of hours, identify trends more quickly, and provide more personalized customer experiences.
  • Suntory Group – This global beverage and wellness products company had five production facilities worldwide, all with separate business systems. Find out how the company transformed its IT infrastructure by standardizing, unifying, and integrating the five distinct business systems on a single global AWS solution. This meant that the company could work more cohesively to meet consumer needs.

If you’re interested in learning more, download the ebook here.

Justin Honaman

Justin Honaman

Justin Honaman leads the worldwide Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Go-to-Market team at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He is also the worldwide segment leader for Food & Beverage. His team’s focus within CPG and Retail is on delivering supply chain, ecommerce, data, analytics, and digital engagement business solutions for customers globally.

Eric Seiberling

Eric Seiberling

Eric Seiberling is the global head of the consumer packaged goods industry marketing at Amazon Web Services, where he helps companies use the power of the cloud to build closer consumer relationships with their brands, improve their organizational agility, and accelerate their digital transformation. Prior to joining AWS, Eric led Dassault Systèmes North American marketing efforts, provided strategic and organizational change management consulting to top CPG and retail companies, and was a brand manager at Procter & Gamble.