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Tredence Helps CPGs Leverage AI/ML Solutions feature card

CPG Partner Conversations: Tredence Helps CPGs Leverage AI/ML Solutions

Consumer packaged goods (CPGs) are transitioning from a post-pandemic surging consumer demand for many products (driving revenues and profitability) to experiencing inflationary pressures (a tightening from the consumer and steep costs). CPG firms are utilizing more data to drive business decisions ranging from marketing, advertising and product innovations. They are using new materials, adding functional […]

Amazon HealthLake ChatBot image

Interact Conversationally with AWS HealthLake

Large language models (LLMs) are revolutionizing the way we interact with technology, and AWS HealthLake is no exception. HealthLake is a secure, HIPAA-eligible data lake that allows healthcare organizations to store, transform, and analyze their health data at scale. By combining HealthLake with an LLM, healthcare providers can interact conversationally with their data, gaining insights and making decisions […]

feature card_CPG Partner Conversations: GE Digital uses AI to drive energy optimization

CPG Partner Conversations: GE Digital uses AI to drive energy optimization

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies face the challenge of driving sales and profit margins in a volatile market while chasing changing consumer trends. The CPG industry has an opportunity to harness artificial intelligence (AI) to stay ahead of today’s dynamic and competitive market. AI can dramatically impact the CPG industry in key areas, including demand […]

Accelerate innovation in Consumer Packaged Goods with AWS Partners

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are facing unique challenges in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. Whether those challenges are slow market growth, increased competition, shifting consumer behaviors, commodities shortages, or inflationary pressures, they must push ahead to stay afloat. Together, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Partners enable CPG companies such as Heineken, Dole Foods, and Philips […]

CPGs are using a powerful new Data Products strategy to drive innovation

Amazon Web Services (AWS) works with a vast majority of consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands worldwide—from the digital-native food and beverage brands to the largest fashion and apparel conglomerates. For these firms, integrated data and analytics has been a top investment priority for many years. This trend is only accelerating by the increasing availability of […]

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Improve Patient Safety Intelligence Using AWS AI/ML Services

Today, healthcare organizations rely on a combination of automated and manual processes to compose, review, and classify patient safety reports. These reports are entered manually by front-line clinicians into the RL Datix reporting system. This entry includes both discrete data points as well as a free-text narrative. Although the data collection process may begin with […]

AI-Assisted Annotation of Medical Images using MONAI Label on AWS

Blog is guest authored by Professor Ken Butcher, Medical Director of the New South Wales Telestroke Service and Andres Diaz-Pinto, Senior Deep Learning engineer at NVIDIA Annotating medical images accurately and at scale is a key prerequisite for training Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, which are later used for diagnostic support in a clinical production environment. […]

BMW Group uses AWS ML solutions to drive personalized customer experiences

To personalize the customer experience, BMW Group uses data to power artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS). All workflows must comply with stringent data privacy laws that vary among the 140 countries where BMW operates. BMW Group’s solution After obtaining permission from vehicle owners, BMW Group ingests data […]

Fast track data-driven insights for advertising and marketing with Databricks accelerators on AWS

Optimizing spending in the advertising and marketing industry—whether that means delivering more personalized campaigns to customers or attracting higher-quality users—is always an iterative process. Data scientists and data engineers are constantly maneuvering through advertising, marketing, and sales data to measure effectiveness and uncover insights that improve the way their companies connect with consumers. To help […]

Evaluating SARS-CoV-2 binding affinities using Yasara simulations on AWS

Evaluating SARS-CoV-2 binding affinities using Yasara simulations on AWS

Blog guest authored by Dr. Vedat Durmaz of Innophore In 2021, Innophore, a structural bioinformatics startup company aiming at computational enzyme and drug discovery, started the project in cooperation with the AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative. The principal goal of this project is the implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system for emerging drug and […]