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Fig 2 AWS HealthScribe is designed responsibly with each AI-generated summary sentence linked back to consultation transcript.

Introducing AWS HealthScribe – automatically generate clinical notes from patient-clinician conversations using AWS HealthScribe

Introduction Today, we are excited to announce AWS HealthScribe (preview), a new HIPAA-eligible service empowering healthcare software vendors to build clinical applications that automatically generate preliminary clinical notes by analyzing patient-clinician conversations. At AWS, we have been investing in healthcare and life sciences with purpose-built services that reinvent how customers collaborate, make data driven clinical […]

Figure 1 – Acquiring DICOM objects from on-premises to AHLI

Integration of on-premises medical imaging data with AWS HealthImaging

The medical imaging industry is used to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. The medical imaging industry has experienced significant growth [1] over the past decade and is expected to continue growing in the upcoming years. This is due to the demand for diagnostic imaging services increasing with the aging population, an increase in the […]

Figure 1 Conceptual architecture of OSDU Data Platform implementation on AWS

Powering data management on OSDU Data Platform

Overview Data is an essential asset for energy companies. Having a comprehensive view of trusted data that follows consistent business rules can help businesses to make informed, accurate, and timely decisions, as well as streamline data management practices. Fundamentally, having data at the center of the open-source-driven OSDU Data Platform makes it future proof for […]

How AWS HealthImaging works: medical image data is created by imaging modalities (e.g. CT scanners, and X-ray), it is temporarily copied to Amazon S3, and then imported to HealthImaging. From there, it can be used by diagnostic viewers and clinical applications (e.g. cloud PACS), for collaboration, and to build, train, and deploy AI/ML.

Introducing AWS HealthImaging — purpose-built for medical imaging at scale

We are excited to announce the general availability of AWS HealthImaging, a purpose-built service that helps builders develop cloud-native applications that store, analyze, and share medical imaging data at petabyte-scale. HealthImaging ingests data in the DICOM P10 format. It provides APIs for low-latency retrieval, and purpose-built storage. Our healthcare customers tell us they want their […]

Figure 1 Road affected by heavy snow

Improving Reliability and Performance for Teleoperations for Autonomous Driving Vehicles on AWS

The rapid advancement of autonomous driving technology is transforming the automotive industry, leading to improved safety, efficiency, and convenience. As self-driving vehicles evolve, automakers must address several challenges to ensure their widespread adoption. Among these challenges, reliable, secure, and low-latency communication between vehicles and teleoperation centers is critical for real-time responsiveness and decision-making in complex […]

Executive Conversations with Nosis Bio and Vevo: Using Generative AI on AWS to Shift the Pharmaceutical R&D Paradigm

Today, organizations are looking to harness the power of generative AI, including foundation models (FMs) and large language models (LLMs) to innovate faster to reinvent patient outcomes. While this has created a lot of hype, the adoption of these technologies in real-world drug development is still a challenge for most organizations. Amrita Sarkar, Principal Healthcare […]

Why Mobile Virtual Network Operators thumbnail_working on cell phone

Why Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) should migrate and build onto AWS

Over the years the number of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) has grown worldwide. The MVNO market is valued at US$ 70.3B in 2022 and projected to reach US$ 147.7B by 2032. This growing market is not only an opportunity for MVNOs, but also a challenge, as it is becoming a more and more competitive […]

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AppsFlyer Report on State of eCommerce app marketing in 2023

AppsFlyer, a marketing measurement platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail Competency partner, have just published the 2023 edition of their State of eCommerce app marketing report. This report provides insight into key trends currently shaping the ecommerce app space. It also details benchmarks from 20 countries across the globe and a vast wealth of […]

Figure 4. Various rig operations distribution for Well F_4 (left) and average at field level (right)

Scalable rig-report-processing solution on AWS

Introduction Daily rig reports, such as drilling, completion, and workover reports, are critical to the oil and gas industry because they provide important information about all rig operations (Figure 1) and help maintain operational efficiency and safety. However, manually processing these reports can be a daunting task, especially given the large volumes of drilling and […]

Figure 2 Operator Dashboards

SoftServe and TS Cyanergy partner to reduce engine emissions in solution powered by AWS

Evolving regulation is making accurate reporting more important than ever The oil and gas industry’s combustion emissions are a contributor to the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are a cause of climate change. Tracking and reporting of these emissions is necessary for oil and gas operators to measure and reduce their environmental impact and satisfy […]