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AWS re:Invent in review: Highlights for customers in retail and CPG

Jam packed with new and inspiring content shared by the industry’s best and brightest, AWS re:Invent 2022 returned to Las Vegas this year for the 11th time. While re:Invent 2022 has come to a close, that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying everything the event has to offer. We’ve compiled keynote highlights, key retail […]

Process, Search, and Analyze Electronic Lab Notebooks Data on AWS

Process, Search, and Analyze Electronic Lab Notebooks Data on AWS

Retrieving, processing, and analyzing electronic lab notebook (ELN) data is slow, costly, and labor intensive. AWS storage, databases, and artificial intelligence/machine learning services can significantly enhance knowledge retrieval speed, unlock unstructured ELN assets, facilitate building knowledge graphs, and form scalable and cost-effective processing pipelines. Introduction ELN is computer software heavily used in research settings (especially […]

Pfizer’s Echocardiography Analysis Framework Reduces Time by +92% Using AWS

Pfizer’s Echocardiography Analysis Framework Reduces Time by +92% Using AWS

Blog is guest authored by Chong Duan, Amey Kelekar, and Mary Kate Montgomery from Pfizer Echocardiography (echo) is an ultrasound-based, non-invasive imaging modality. Manual analysis of echo data is time consuming and susceptible to inter-reader variability. Pfizer has developed a fully automated analysis framework that significantly reduced analysis time by more than 92% using Amazon […]

Accelerating radiology imaging workflows with relevant clinical context on AWS

Accelerating radiology imaging workflows with relevant clinical context on AWS

Having ready access to clinical context helps radiologists eliminate assumptions and better apply their skills and expertise in rendering final reports. An automated extraction of relevant clinical context from electronic health records (EHRs) can provide clinical context. A typical imaging workflow involves a patient following up for a recommended procedure prescribed by a provider. For […]

Limiting Subscriber Churn by leveraging real-time subscribers’ feedback – part 2 of 2

In the first blog post of this series we introduced a serverless approach for CSPs to capture and process subscribers’ performance in real time. We covered how, by leveraging AWS real-time analytics services, CSP can identify subscribers with a significant rate of service impairment. Incident events are stored on a Data Lake, whilst overtime performances […]

Simplifying remote site management with Amazon ECS Anywhere

For many hospitality companies, such as hotel and restaurant brands, the ability to run and maintain critical applications at remote locations is a challenge. Often these locations are owned and operated by franchisees or independent operators, making tasks such as installation of new software, updating and patching, and maintenance and security difficult. Though a brand’s […]

How Mistral Data is transforming public transport

I recently interviewed Duncan Waugh, managing director at Mistral Data, a UK-based company that is working to improve public transport using data and services built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this blog, you’ll learn how they are helping a traditional industry innovate, improving operations and the customer experience. Duncan, can you tell me more […]

How machine learning is transforming airline operations

When airlines were asked about their top business goals for 2022–2023 for the Skift 2022 Digital Transformation Report, 41 percent said reducing operational costs and 68 percent said improving customer service. Accurately forecasting demand, reducing flight delays and cancellations, and improving on-time performance are key to achieving both goals. That’s why some leading airlines are […]

Going the last mile: An innovative instant delivery accelerator from AWS

Introduction In the supply chain and logistic industries, the last step of the delivery process is called “the last mile.” This is usually handled by courier companies and can be either “instantaneous” (think of food deliveries, which need to be delivered as soon as they’re ready) or “same-day” or “multiple-day” deliveries (think of products bought […]

Home Shopping Europe builds new live commerce app HSE HELLO with Amazon IVS

The drive to build interactive experiences for its customers runs in the DNA of Home Shopping Europe GmbH (HSE). From HSE’s origins as the first German teleshopping channel, the live commerce company is reimagining customer engagement. Television, online, and mobile shopping solutions on HSE—which offers clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, home goods, and other items—generate more than […]