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New and Noteworthy: Industry Innovator’s Conference for CPG & Retail 2022

Following a year of labor shortages, supply chain issues, and high inflation, industry leaders can’t ignore the fact that shoppers and consumers have changed. They don’t want what they wanted 5 years ago; they don’t even want what they wanted 12 months ago, leaving innovators to question: How can we best serve shoppers and consumers moving forward?

If you’re a business- or technical-decision maker in the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry and are looking for answers to this question, you’ve come to the right place.

Our first ever Industry Innovator’s Conference for CPG & Retail is a virtual event offering attendees an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and experts on a variety of topics, including how leaders are

  • innovating the shopper and consumer experiences;
  • improving business insights;
  • optimizing operations; and
  • enhancing sustainability efforts.

But the most valuable part of this conference is how YOU can do all these things too.

Hosted by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail and CPG team, you’ll hear real-world examples of how leading retail and CPG companies are using the cloud to innovate faster and adapt to better meet their customers’ needs. Gain insights on how new technologies can improve the customer experience in a scalable way and explore ways to use AWS to accelerate your pace of innovation while managing risk.

How will it work?

After our Keynote and Fireside Chat sessions with Justin Honaman and Seth Goldman, we will be hosting four tracks at this conference—each track focuses on different topics and offers three 20-minute sessions within your track of choice. You’ll be able to choose from the following tracks: Engaging Shoppers and Consumers, Future of Commerce, Using Data and Analytics to Drive Transformation, and Sustainability. You’ll also have the chance to watch our on-demand Enterprise Strategy talks to hear from well-known industry leaders on how you can use the cloud to transform your company.

Track 1: Engaging Shoppers and Consumers

Improving loyalty is one of the toughest challenges in retail, but it doesn’t need to be. In this track, learn how retail and CPG companies differentiate their brands, influence shopper and consumer actions, and increase revenue while personalizing relationships with their consumers and shoppers. Hear stories from Hallmark, Cencosud, Tapestry, and Amperity highlighting their solutions to an innovative customer experience and, of course, the valuable lessons learned along the way.

Track 2: Future of Commerce

Navigating the future of commerce is challenging, but it just got a lot easier thanks to our session speakers. In this track, boohoo group plc, AWS, MACH Alliance, and VTEX will share insights into how customers are transforming the shopping experience and offer ways retail channels can easily integrate with each other.

Track 3: Using Data and Analytics to Drive Transformation

Not sure how to digitally transform your organization to drive costs down while accelerating decision-making? Our speakers have you covered. Hear from Mars Wrigley, Modern Milkman, Peak AI, and AB Inbev about how they create business insights from petabytes of data to predict opportunities and risks in time to act, using analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Track 4: Sustainability

Sustainability is evolving beyond culturally driven initiatives, presenting many opportunities but also many challenges for businesses to make sustainability a business imperative. Our speakers from National Retail Federation, Incisiv, and BritVic will help guide you through this process by sharing how they are tackling this issue and how you can begin the sustainability journey in your own organization.

As Fortune puts it, this is a “defining moment for retailers and brands.” With shoppers and consumers already changing their needs, industry leaders will need to make critical decisions on how they innovate and, most importantly, how they will deliver on the needs of their customers. Luckily for you, our speakers and leaders at the Industry Innovator’s Conference for CPG & Retail are not just a part of this moment, they are movers and shakers who can help you along your journey. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to listen and learn from them. We have all the resources here. All you need to do is show up.

We can’t wait to see you there!