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How to Predict Shipments’ Time of Delivery with Cloud-based Machine Learning Models

Transportation and logistics businesses have seen an upsurge in trade over the last few years, with increasing ecommerce and online sales driving demand. This welcome growth has, however, been accompanied with an ever-more demanding consumer looking for certainty and reliability in their service delivery alongside a more competitive landscape, forcing prices down with tightening margins. […]

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2x2 matrix_four kinds of ecommerce architectures

The CTO Guide to Ecommerce Architectures

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) most frequently mention these core capabilities of their ecommerce architectures: The ability to innovate at the digital and physical front ends that support sales channels. The effort required to integrate the increasing number of other IT systems. Those who talk more about innovation are usually builders. Revenue, metrics, and innovation are […]

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Smart Store

Three Strategies for Building Smarter Retail Stores

Consumer expectations are always changing, which means retailers are often playing catch-up to align their offerings with customers’ evolving behaviors. The pandemic illuminated the chasm between the retailers who have kept pace with market changes and those who have struggled. For a long time, we’ve seen ecommerce sites flex and stretch, while centralized systems and […]

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An Inside Look at the Amazon Culture: Experimentation, Failure, and Customer Obsession

Since joining AWS three years ago, the top questions I get by far pertain to Amazon’s culture and speed of innovation. Here are the kinds of things people want to know: What’s it like working for AWS? How does Amazon respond so quickly to customers’ wants, needs, and desires? How can I innovate like Amazon? […]

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A Practitioner’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Retail

I joined AWS two years ago to lead the professional services organization for the AWS retail segment. Throughout my career in technology consulting, I’ve worked with retailers that run the gamut in size, scope, market share, and sector. I’ve noticed a common dilemma when companies want to embark on transformational technology initiatives. Many retailers aren’t […]

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A How-to Guide for Deploying Amazon Interactive Video Service and Amazon Personalize in Retail

The ever-increasing popularity of live streaming is opening up new opportunities for online customer interactions. With live streaming providing engaging content, it can facilitate the flow of customers into online shopping, joining the shopping experience with other forms of online engagement. Personalized recommendations also allow online stores to pick the right products at the right […]

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Key Takeaways from NRF2021: Retail’s Big Show

The National Retail Federation’s NRF2021 Big Show, the premier conference for innovative brands and retail professionals, took place as a virtual event this year. Though we missed connecting in person with old friends and colleagues at New York’s Javits Center, NRF’s Big Ideas sessions still came through with fresh insights from retailers at the forefront […]

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Lessons from Leaders: Retail Digital Transformation in Germany

Germany, a Powerful Force in Retail In 2020, retail revenue in Germany was estimated to be $820 billion. According to Deloitte’s Global Powers of Retailing 2020 study, four of the top 20 largest retailers in the world are German companies: Schwarz Group (Lidl), Aldi, Edeka, and Rewe. And among the 250 largest retailers, 20 are […]

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Adaptive Analytics in Retail: Influencing Shopper Behaviors and Engagement

No retailer would ever question the importance of data in daily operations. The evolution of operational data in retail decision making—from batch reporting to decision support to business intelligence systems—has been quite profound. Today, adaptive analytic platforms are driving industry innovation so retailers can: Detect critical business signals. Derive the current meaning and predictive insights […]

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Using AI/ML to Transform Your Retail Demand Planning

I was on a panel last year hosted by AWS Partners Rackspace and retailers Sainsbury’s and Sofology. The final question was, “What are you going to do for the first time in 2021?” As I pondered the question, I thought about what AWS retail customers should do for the first time in 2021. My response […]

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