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Determining state in systems with high-frequency updates using AWS IoT Greengrass

AWS IoT Greengrass extends AWS managed services to edge device systems, providing security, message routing, and local state processing. It also provides a central hub for connectivity with other AWS services using AWS Lambda functions. Some edge systems with multiple devices produce high-frequency updates, such as device shadow updates. It can be difficult to determine […]

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Injecting data into AWS IoT Analytics from Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

It is easy to ingest device data directly from connected IoT devices as they are integrated with AWS IoT Core. However, AWS IoT Analytics also provides a public BatchPutMessage API action to allow you to inject data from other data resources. In this post, I show how to inject data into AWS IoT Analytics from […]

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Provision Devices Globally with AWS IoT

Customers are building globally distributed IoT solutions with AWS IoT. A device that connects to AWS IoT must be provisioned in an AWS Region. However, when devices are shipped globally, you don’t know in which AWS IoT Region the device will connect when it starts operation. In this blog post, I will describe a global […]

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