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Add conversational AI to any contact center with Amazon Lex and the Amazon Chime SDK

Customer satisfaction is a potent metric that directly influences the profitability of an organization. With rapid technological advances in the past decade or so, it’s even more important to elevate customer focus in the following ways: Making your organization accessible to your customers across multiple modalities, including voice, text, social media, and more Providing your […]

Enable conversational chatbots for telephony using Amazon Lex and the Amazon Chime SDK

Conversational AI can deliver powerful, automated, interactive experiences through voice and text. Amazon Lex is a service that combines automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies, so you can build these sophisticated conversational experiences. A common application of conversational AI is found in contact centers: self-service virtual agents. We’re excited to announce that you […]

Live call analytics and agent assist for your contact center with Amazon language AI services

Update May 2023 (v0.8.0) – This release extends LCA’s generative transcript summarization by adding the option to use Anthropic’s Claude large language model (LLM) API (coming to Amazon Bedrock) – this removes previous limits on transcript length and lets you customize the summarization prompt. We’ve also enabled Generative AI for Agent Assist (experimental) using Anthropic […]