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Enel automates large-scale power grid asset management and anomaly detection using Amazon SageMaker

This is a guest post by Mario Namtao Shianti Larcher, Head of Computer Vision at Enel. Enel, which started as Italy’s national entity for electricity, is today a multinational company present in 32 countries and the first private network operator in the world with 74 million users. It is also recognized as the first renewables […]

Enable predictive maintenance for line of business users with Amazon Lookout for Equipment

Predictive maintenance is a data-driven maintenance strategy for monitoring industrial assets in order to detect anomalies in equipment operations and health that could lead to equipment failures. Through proactive monitoring of an asset’s condition, maintenance personnel can be alerted before issues occur, thereby avoiding costly unplanned downtime, which in turn leads to an increase in […]

Automate detection of broken utility poles using the Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels SDK

Domestic infrastructure issues are a pain for everyone involved. Not only does it negatively affect customer satisfaction, it also has a cascading effect on businesses and their bottom line in terms of financials. Electric utility poles, for example, are an example of a cumbersome infrastructure issue to resolve. Normally, the standard wooden distribution pole is […]

How lekker got more insights into their customer churn model with Amazon SageMaker Debugger

With over 400,000 customers, lekker Energie GmbH is a leading supraregional provider of electricity and gas on the German energy market. lekker is customer and service oriented and regularly scores top marks in comparison tests. As one of the most important suppliers of green electricity to private households, the company, with its 220 employees, stands […]