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AWS Media2Cloud helps Formula 1 migrate to the cloud and manage its growing asset library

Since its inception in 1950, Formula 1 (F1) has grown into a globally recognized brand with a massive library of images, audio, and video captured at Grand Prix racing events around the world. The abundance of media assets F1 captured over time are a challenge to store, manage, and use. Researchers, editors, and producers spent up to fifty percent of total project time searching for and accessing old and new footage, creating workflow inefficiencies. The AWS Solutions Media2Cloud: Architecture for the Formula 1 Legacy showcases how AWS created a long-term remedy to F1’s media asset management needs using the Media2Cloud (M2C) reference implementation. This solution allows F1 to more efficiently access its media assets in the cloud.

In this video case study, see how AWS Professional Services used M2C as the foundation of a custom built media asset management system called the Media Processing Framework (MPF) tailored to the unique needs of F1. With Media2Cloud as its backbone, MPF is able to ingest the more than four petabytes of valuable archived F1 footage from existing tape into Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), along with live footage from future races. It also allows for enhanced metadata tagging for easy search across decades of footage totaling more than 150,000 hours of content.

In its next phase, the framework will utilize M2C machine learning functionality to easily identify racing legends and important moments within the massive archive library. Learn more about F1’s new, custom media management system in AWS Solutions Media2Cloud: Architecture for the Formula 1 Legacy.

Alyson Stewart

Alyson Stewart

Alyson is the Worldwide GTM Specialist lead for AWS Media & Entertainment. She works with M&E segment and solution leads to develop go-to-market roadmaps and packages. Alyson has over twenty-five years of experience in M&E across a variety of disciplines including content licensing negotiations, subscription channel management, content distribution sales, rights management software, independent film distribution and operations, interactive video, advertising technology, and cloud services.