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AWS Thinkbox partners help take your studio to the cloud

Today we’re announcing the new AWS Thinkbox partner site which highlights AWS Thinkbox and APN partners that can help accelerate your journey to a hybrid or even a full content production pipeline in the cloud. The partners on this page are uniquely positioned to help your studio meet the demands of rapid and efficient content production by leveraging the power of AWS.

These partners are dedicated to help creative studios focused on computer graphics (CG) or editing content to work in a secure, scalable, and repeatable way that not only helps scale studio infrastructure, but creativity as well. Each partner offers solutions for elastic rendering, virtual workstations, studio management, and asset management to power all aspects of your cloud studio, enabling you to quickly adapt to changing requirements and to scale your studio based on increased or decreased demands. With AWS Thinkbox and our partner solutions you can optimize your costs in ways not possible with dated, monolithic, on-premises infrastructure.

To learn more about our partner solutions begin by exploring

To learn how AWS Thinkbox is enabling the Studio in the Cloud and how that fits into other Media & Entertainment services at AWS, check out the Content Production section of the Media Value Chain eBook.