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Case study: Second Spectrum reduces Kubernetes hosting costs using AWS load balancing services

Second Spectrum provides artificial intelligence–driven tracking technology to modernize the way people engage with live sports broadcasts, including those of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Soccer (MLS), and the Premier League (EPL).

As a startup, Second Spectrum seeks to quickly experiment with new tool offerings and push the most viable ones into production. The company has used Application Load Balancer within its containerized environment since its release in 2016, but wanted to eliminate an extra network step to improve performance. Read the fully case study to learn how Second Spectrum reduced Kubernetes hosting costs by 90%, reduced errors by up to 75%, and improved application response time by 5 ms per request using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and AWS Load Balancer Controller. The Second Spectrum team also estimates that the simpler configuration saves three full-time equivalent months per year in engineering and new-hire training time.

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Lisa Epstein

Lisa Epstein

Lisa Epstein is a Senior Industry Marketing Manager at Amazon Web Services.