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GEVME Live enables memorable interactive events on AWS

In 2015, an event technology company, developed GEVME, a technology platform providing end-to-end solutions for managing virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid meetings and conferences. With in-person meetings and conferences canceled in 2020, the company wanted to build on its existing platform to offer fully customizable digital venues with a focus on immersive and engaging experiences.

With the agility of AWS, quickly built on GEVME to produce GEVME Live. The company used Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) to create an unlimited number of simultaneous live events, and Amazon Chime for participant interaction in breakout sessions, watch parties, and chat rooms. Read the full case study to learn how GEVME Live uses AWS services to provide low-latency, high-quality live events while ensuring data security and compliance with encryption and logging best practices.

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