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Introducing new cloud-based creative studio Preymaker

The New York ad scene has received an infusion of technology-powered creativity with the official launch of Preymaker, which was recently announced following months of confidential production. Together with industry veterans Melanie Wickham and Verity Grantham, Preymaker is founded by Angus Kneale, former chief creative officer and co-founder of The Mill New York. Rather than purchase extensive physical infrastructure, the trio instead looked to the cloud and built a custom platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Embracing the cloud extends Kneale’s reputation for creative innovation through advanced technologies. While at The Mill, he helped lead the creation of two of the studio’s most notable developments: The Blackbird and Mascot. Using real-time game engine technology and precise environment tracking, The Blackbird is an adjustable car rig that enables filmmakers to insert any photoreal CG vehicle into the shoot. Similarly, Mascot is a real-time animation system that allows for CG characters to be performed and animated live.

In a statement to AWN about the launch of Preymaker, Kneale commented, “We love what we do. Mel, Verity and I built The Mill for many years, and are proud to have had a hand in its legacy of work, caliber of artists and producers and the creative culture that inspired and supported them. We’re continuing that spirit of innovation and pushing beyond at Preymaker with our focus on creativity, technology and people.

We create exceptional content for brands with a team of talented artists, producers, and technologists, who have the ability to collaborate globally and entirely in the cloud. Preymaker is one of the first content makers that is 100% cloud native. This paradigm shift enables the team to leverage the latest in technology at scale and the instant it is available. This allows constant experimentation and innovation which is at the heart of Preymaker’s creativity. Our mission is to create exceptional work with our clients and partners.”

While based in a production studio in New York City’s SoHo area, Preymaker is set up to accommodate both on-premises and remote talent, and has already kicked off projects with McCann, BBDO, 72andSunny, and Johannes Leonardo. Off to a flying start, Preymaker is poised to make a serious splash in the advertising industry and reimagine what’s possible in content creation.