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New from the Compute Blog: Building a GPU workstation for visual effects with AWS

The elasticity, scalability, and cost effectiveness of the cloud value proposition is attractive to media customers. One of the key design patterns in media and entertainment (M&E) workloads is using the cloud as a content lake and bringing the underlying processes closer without having to synchronize data. In this high-end graphics visualization business, a pixel-perfect, color-accurate, fully interactive native desktop experience is required for both Windows and Linux platforms. Visual effects (VFX) artists also require input peripherals such as latest-generation Wacom 8K pressure-sensitive tablets and Wacom Cintiq monitors to work as seamlessly as they do on-premises.

In this post from AWS Thinkbox Solution Architect Mike Owen, learn how to stand up a virtual VFX workstation on AWS.

Read the post: Building a GPU Workstation for Visual Effects with AWS

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