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New possibilities with virtual production

One of the biggest trends in content production over the last year is virtual production, with the latest incarnation of the technology featuring sizable LED panel-equipped volumes that are popping up in major production and VFX hubs around the globe. This is part of the overall shift to remote work, which accelerated when productions had to find ways to keep projects moving forward with social distancing guidelines, travel limitations, and many people unable to come in to the office or set. Virtual content creation and the cloud are two technologies that enabled productions to move forward despite these challenges…but where do the two intersect?

Erin Dusseault, Principal Product Manager, Content Production Tech at AWS, with 16 years in VFX Production, shares her insights in this article on IBC 365. Be sure to catch the panel “Pushing innovation and accessibility with real-time and the cloud” she is moderating at SIGGRAPH with panelists from Epic Games, Preymaker, and Amazon Studios.

Colin Cupp

Colin Cupp

Colin is the marketing lead for Media & Entertainment content production at AWS. Prior to joining AWS in 2018, he held marketing roles at Autodesk, Mochi Media, and Sun Microsystems. When he isn't working or renovating his fixer upper, he likes to explore San Diego beaches and parks with his family.