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Sharpen your skills with new AWS Elemental appliances and software training and certification courses

Learn about AWS Elemental appliances and software with new and updated self-paced digital courses. Designed for video professionals, engineers, developers, and systems architects, these courses will sharpen your applicable skillset. The updated courses are AWS Elemental Live FoundationsAWS Elemental Live Advanced, and AWS Elemental Conductor. The newest course is AWS Elemental Statmux, which requires that you take the first three courses in advance.

  • AWS Elemental Live Foundationsis a beginner-level, 120-minute course designed to teach you how to navigate AWS Elemental Live; create an event; troubleshoot system logs, alerts, and messages; resolve common issues; and conduct basic maintenance, including configuring, reinstalling, and kick-starting. Learn more about AWS Elemental Live Foundations and register today.
  • Dive deeper with AWS Elemental Live Advanced, an intermediate-level, 120-minute course, and learn best practices for setting up commonly used input types like RTMP and output types like archive, HTTP live streaming (HLS), and DASH. Learn how to optimally configure events by exploring best practices for fail-over and hot backup, dynamic content switching, static and motion graphic overlays, ad avails, ad blanking, SCTE-35 markers, digital rights management, and video quality tuning with variable bitrate (VBR) and quality-defined variable bitrate (QVBR) encoding. Learn more about AWS Elemental Live Advanced and register today.
  • In the 120-minute, intermediate-level AWS Elemental Conductorcourse, you’ll learn how to build profiles and streamlined channels; configure bulk tasks to start, stop and modify groups of channels; automate channel operations using scheduling actions; configure nodes to protect against single points of failure; and investigate logs, alerts, and messages. Learn more about AWS Elemental Conductor and register today.
  • AWS Elemental Statmuxis a 60-minute, intermediate-level course that helps you learn best practices for architecting, configuring, and monitoring AWS Elemental Statmux, which improves bandwidth efficiency, reducing cost while preserving video quality. Learn more about AWS Elemental Statmux and register today.

To learn more about AWS Elemental appliances and software, visit the overview page.