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GOX competes in the local playing field with live-streamed games on Amazon IVS

Preferred platform for localized e-sports With more than 300 native languages spoken across the archipelago, Indonesia is a complex market. It is important for foreign companies to sufficiently localize their offerings to successfully launch a business in the country. Furthermore, Indonesia has one of the lowest bank account ownerships rates in the world, so collecting […]

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Simplifying live streaming contribution with Amazon IVS

Live video isn’t just for media companies anymore. For example, ecommerce companies can offer customized applications to product sellers, which allows them to product features to their viewers. eLearning platforms can facilitate the collaboration between the participants and presenters, creating engaging virtual events. Contributing live video to services like AWS Elemental MediaLive and Amazon Interactive […]

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Amazon IVS React with mini-player demo

How to: Amazon Interactive Video Service with React mini-player demo

Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) is designed to take care of all the technical complexities of delivering low latency live video to viewers anywhere. Amazon IVS comes with its own Player SDK, allowing you to focus your time on building engaging interactive experiences. In this post, we show you how to build something you may […]

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