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How Amazon SES Mail Manager Elevates Email Security and Efficiency

In today’s digital landscape, efficient and secure email management is essential for businesses facing the complexities of cyber threats and regulatory compliance. Companies are seeking ways to safeguard against unauthorized access and apply audit rules, while maintaining operational efficiency. Amazon SES Mail Manager is designed to meet these challenges, offering a suite of features that […]

Optimizing Email Deliverability: A User-Centric Approach to List Management and Monitoring

This is a 2024 update of the 2015 blog post “Amazon SES Best Practices: Top 5 Best Practices for List Management“. While the fundamental principles of effective email list management remain relevant, the landscape has evolved significantly over the past nine years. This updated post aims to provide Amazon Simple Email Services (SES) customers with […]

SES MailManager high level architecture

Mail Manager – Amazon SES introduces new email routing and archiving features

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cloud-based email sending service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), handling both inbound and outbound email traffic for your applications. It allows users to send and receive email using SES’s reliable and cost-effective infrastructure without having to provision email servers yourself. Managing multiple email workloads at scale can […]

Serverless IoT email capture, attachment processing, and distribution

Many customers need to automate email notifications to a broad and diverse set of email recipients, sometimes from a sensor network with a variety of monitoring capabilities. Many sensor monitoring software products include an SMTP client to achieve this goal. However, managing email server infrastructure requires specialty expertise and operating an email server comes with […]

An Introduction to Amazon WorkMail Audit Logging

Amazon WorkMail’s new audit logging capability equips email system administrators with powerful visibility into mailbox activities and system events across their organization. As announced in our recent “What’s New” post, this feature enables the comprehensive capture and delivery of critical email data, empowering administrators to monitor, analyze, and maintain compliance. With audit logging, WorkMail records […]

Upgrade Your Email Tech Stack with Amazon SESv2 API

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cloud-based email sending service that helps businesses and developers send marketing and transactional emails. We introduced the SESv1 API in 2011 to provide developers with basic email sending capabilities through Amazon SES using HTTPS. In 2020, we introduced the redesigned Amazon SESv2 API, with new and updated features […]

Using one-click unsubscribe with Amazon SES

Gmail and Yahoo have announced new requirements for bulk senders that take effect in February 2024. The requirements aim to reduce delivery of malicious or unwanted email to the users of these mailbox providers. We recommend that Amazon SES senders who operate outside of the SES sandbox assume these bulk sender requirements apply to them. […]

An Overview of Bulk Sender Changes at Yahoo/Gmail

In a move to safeguard user inboxes, Gmail and Yahoo Mail announced a new set of requirements for senders effective from February 2024. Let’s delve into the specifics and what Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) customers need to do to comply with these requirements. What are the new email sender requirements? The new requirements include long-standing best practices […]

Building a generative AI marketing portal on AWS

Introduction In the preceding entries of this series, we examined the transformative impact of Generative AI on marketing strategies in “Building Generative AI into Marketing Strategies: A Primer” and delved into the intricacies of Prompt Engineering to enhance the creation of marketing content with services such as Amazon Bedrock in “From Prompt Engineering to Auto […]

DMARC flow

Amazon SES: Email Authentication and Getting Value out of Your DMARC Policy

Amazon SES: Email Authentication and Getting Value out of Your DMARC Policy Introduction For enterprises of all sizes, email is a critical piece of infrastructure that supports large volumes of communication. To enhance the security and trustworthiness of email communication, many organizations turn to email sending providers (ESPs) like Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES). […]