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Visualize AWS Health events using Amazon Managed Grafana

Introduction In this blog post you will learn how to visualize AWS Health events using Amazon Managed Grafana to gain deeper insights across multiple Health events in a centralized place. When used in conjunction with AWS Health, Grafana can enhance the ability to respond to issues, optimize performance, and ensure the overall Health of the […]

Monitoring and Visualizing Amazon EKS signals with Kiali and AWS managed open-source services

Microservices architecture enables scalability and agility for modern applications. However, distributed systems can introduce complexity when troubleshooting issues across services on different machines. To gain observability into microservices environments, operators need tools to monitor, analyze, and debug the interconnected services. Istio service mesh connects, secures, and observes microservices communications. It provides a way to manage […]

Extend your Amazon Managed Grafana experience with Grafana community plugins

Today, Amazon Managed Grafana announces a new self-service plugin management experience for Grafana community plugins, that enables you to unify data from a wider variety of data sources with visualizations tailored to analyze your unique datasets. Grafana community plugins provide an expansive array of tailor-made solutions to address diverse visualization use cases. With this release, […]

Analyzing Amazon Lex conversation log data with Amazon Managed Grafana

To support business and internal processes, organizations are increasing their use of conversational interfaces. They offer opportunities for more availability, improved service levels, and reduced costs. As these conversational services become more important, so, does the need to monitor performance and effectiveness of these interfaces with analytics and dashboards. This analysis is used to drive […]

Monitoring GPU workloads on Amazon EKS using AWS managed open-source services

As machine learning (ML) workloads continue to grow in popularity, many customers are looking to run them on Kubernetes with graphics processing unit (GPU) support. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances powered by NVIDIA GPUs deliver the scalable performance needed for fast ML training and cost-effective ML inference. Monitoring GPU utilization gives valuable information for researchers working […]

Monitor IoT device health at scale with Amazon Managed Grafana­­

Businesses today employ IoT devices to monitor the health of their equipment, ranging from machines on a factory floor to inventory tracking sensor locations. Insights from these IoT device fleets make them part of critical business infrastructure, however deriving meaningful insights from these IoT device fleets at scale is a common challenge customers face. IT […]

Monitor Amazon EKS Control Plane metrics using AWS Open Source monitoring services

Have you encountered situations where your Kubernetes API calls are constantly throttled by the control plane? Did you see the 429 HTTP response code “Too many requests” all over the place and have no clue on what’s wrong with your cluster? In this blog post, we will talk about monitoring some of the key metrics […]

Securely connect Amazon Managed Grafana to data sources using AWS Transit Gateway and AWS PrivateLink

Securely connect Amazon Managed Grafana to data sources using AWS Transit Gateway and AWS PrivateLink

Introduction Modern businesses rely on data from diverse sources across multiple AWS accounts and regions to gain insights and make critical business decisions. By establishing secure private connections to these data sources metrics, logs, and traces can be visualized from a single pane of glass to enable an end-to-end observability solution. Some customers may have […]

Centralize AWS Cost Anomaly Detection using Amazon Managed Grafana

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection uses advanced Machine Learning to identify anomalous spend and root causes, empowering the customers to take action quickly. Currently, in order to view the AWS Cost Anomalies in AWS Cost Explorer, it requires the user to have IAM user access privileges on the AWS Management Console. The ability to centrally monitor and […]

Monitor your Databricks Clusters with AWS managed open-source Services

Organizations rely heavily on cloud-based data processing and analytics platforms in today’s data-driven world to unlock valuable insights and make informed decisions. Databricks, a unified analytics platform, has emerged as a popular choice due to its seamless integration with Apache Spark, and its ability to efficiently handle large-scale data processing tasks. Many customers have implemented […]