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How EverQuote Underwent a Serverless Transformation using AWS

This post is co-written with Conor Teer, Senior Software Engineer, at EverQuote, David Kelly, Principal Software Engineer at EverQuote, and Mark O’Connell, SVP of Engineering at EverQuote. EverQuote is a leading online insurance marketplace that helps protect life’s most important assets- family, property, and future by simplifying the experience of shopping for insurance, making it […]

Optimize AWS Resource Management with Tag Inventory Reports leveraging AWS Resource Explorer

Customers are increasingly seeking an efficient solution to manage their expanding AWS resources, spanning AWS accounts and Regions, amidst changes like mergers, acquisitions, and cloud migrations. AWS Tags offer an effective solution for organizing, identifying, and filtering resources by categorizing them based on criteria such as purpose, owner, or environment. AWS customers would like to […]

Easily set up Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor

Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor provides near-continuous internet measurements for your internet traffic, including availability and performance metrics, tailored to your specific workload footprint on AWS. With Internet Monitor, you can get insights into average internet performance metrics over time, as well as get alerts for issues (health events). You’re notified about events that impact your […]

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Accelerated Transformation: Streamline Application Modernization During Migration

Introduction Application modernization involves discovery, analysis, extraction, containerization and deployment of an application migrated to AWS. The AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) simplifies and expedites your migration to AWS by automatically converting your source servers from physical, virtual, or other cloud infrastructure to run natively on AWS. In this post, I use post-launch actions […]

Accelerate Cloud Transformation: Migrate workloads in Weeks with our EBA Migration Parties

Migrations are complex and involve many teams from all levels of an organization. A 2020 Accenture Cloud Value Study found the top barriers to cloud value realization outlined by 700+ IT leaders were misalignment, legacy infrastructure, and lack of skills. Organizations want to keep their applications secure and compliant as they move to the cloud, […]

Observing Kubernetes workloads on AWS Fargate with AWS managed open-source services

AWS constantly innovates on its customers’ behalf and strives to improve customer experience by reducing complexity. With AWS, customers look to spend their time solving business problems without worrying about operating their infrastructure. Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) on AWS Fargate allows customers to run Kubernetes pods without worrying about creating and managing the lifecycle […]

How to Skip Testing and Finalize Cutover in the AWS Application Migration Service

How to Skip Testing and Finalize Cutover in the AWS Application Migration Service

Introduction The purpose of this blog post is to show the steps on how to change the lifecycle status of a source server from “Ready for testing” to “Ready for cutover” to bypass the testing steps when using the AWS Application Migration Service (MGN). This approach can be used for specific scenarios where you want […]

Measure Transformation through the Cloud Adoption Lens

Measure Transformation through the Cloud Adoption lens

Introduction Business and technology teams often measure Digital Transformation and use a financial metric as the yardstick of success. This is an output focused approach, for example – if you migrate applications as-is to the cloud and reduce costs, businesses will approve more similar migrations. However, organizations need to take a comprehensive approach and include […]

Why a Cloud Operating Model?

A thought leadership blog highlighting an “innovative approach” to Cloud Operations excellence and Well-Architected goals. This blog walks you through MuleSoft carrying out this new approach including their: Challenge Innovation Journey Implementation of the Cloud Operating Model Challenge Whether companies are migrating to the cloud, or cloud-native, executives are faced with controlling costs and continuous […]

Choose Wisely and Quickly: A Rapid, Data-Driven Approach to Prioritize Applications for Modernization

Figure 1 – Break free from analysis paralysis In today’s dynamic landscape, companies are seeking faster time-to-value for their business initiatives through cloud adoption. As businesses evolve and embrace digital transformation, application modernization becomes a critical aspect of their cloud journey and an imperative for value creation. Modernizing your applications helps you reduce costs, gain […]