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Managing AWS resources across multiple accounts and Regions using AWS Systems Manager Automation

AWS Systems Manager Automation simplifies common administrative and maintenance tasks of AWS resources. Using Systems Manager Automation, you can execute predefined tasks/workflows in the form of AWS Systems Manager documents (SSM documents) that you can write yourself or use community published documents. A SSM document defines the actions that Systems Manager performs on your AWS […]

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Centralized Management of Multiple Accounts and Cross-Platform EC2 Instances Using AWS Systems Manager

Introduction Many AWS customers, particularly in the public sector, are implementing a central IT agency model. These organizations have an AWS account for central IT that is designated for the management of security and compliance activities such as patch management, use of golden Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), and federates user access for other agencies’ AWS […]

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Supercharge Multi-Account Management with AWS CloudFormation

As your use of Amazon Web Services evolves, you will probably outgrow your first account, and need to move into a multi-account model. There are plenty of benefits to using more than one AWS account: An administrative boundary: I can choose how permissive or restrictive my policies are based on the account type. Separating user […]

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