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Real User Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch RUM and Amazon Managed Grafana

Real User Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch RUM and Amazon Managed Grafana

In today’s fast-paced digital world, users expect fast and reliable web experiences. Slow-loading pages, errors, and other performance issues can lead to lower engagement and conversion rates, ultimately hurting a business’s bottom line. That’s where Real User Monitoring (RUM) comes in. Real User Monitoring (RUM) is a crucial aspect of modern web application development, allowing developers and […]

Using Amazon CloudWatch RUM with a React web application in five steps

In this post we will explain how you can use Amazon CloudWatch RUM to monitor a single-page web application built using React. CloudWatch RUM is a real user monitoring (RUM) capability which helps you identify and debug client-side issues and enhance the end user’s digital experience. The data that you can visualize and analyze includes […]

How to isolate signed-in users from guest users within Amazon CloudWatch RUM

Real user monitoring (RUM) helps web application owners monitor the performance of client-side applications running on end-user devices. For example, RUM can help application owners detect when end-users are experiencing slow page load speeds, application errors, network errors, or issues with the application’s user interface. Amazon CloudWatch RUM is a managed RUM service which is […]

An Observability Journey with Amazon CloudWatch RUM, Evidently, and ServiceLens

Observability means more than just monitoring. At AWS, we consider observability to be an integral component of healthy and secure operations. Two of the newest features of Amazon CloudWatch that enhance observability into your application’s health and operations are Amazon CloudWatch RUM and Amazon CloudWatch Evidently. In this post, we will take you through a […]

How and when to enable session cookies with Amazon CloudWatch RUM

Amazon CloudWatch RUM is a real user monitoring service that closes the gap between the end-user experience in a web application, and the serving of that content from your AWS or on-premises environment. By measuring client-side application performance, such as page load time and JavaScript errors, you have access to new and powerful tools for […]

Create metrics and alarms for specific web pages with Amazon CloudWatch RUM

Amazon CloudWatch RUM makes it easy for AWS customers to access real-world performance metrics from web applications, thereby giving insights into the end-user experience. These user experiences are quantified into discrete metrics that you can then create alarms for. But what if you must have different load time alarms for certain pages? Or you’re testing […]