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Open Source in the Enterprise book in 4 languages, cover images.

During my keynote at O’Reilly Media’s Open Source Conference (OSCON) in July, 2018, I had the pleasure of announcing a new book, Open Source in the Enterprise.  A collaboration between O’Reilly Media and AWS, this book is intended to empower enterprises with open source best practices. Our hope was to help the reader gain the many benefits of open source software and its innovative, collaborative development process.

Although I wrote this guide with a single co-author, Andy Oram, it embodied the open source wisdom of crowds and drew insights from many reviewers. The book is for anyone who wants to learn more about consuming open source code, effective collaboration with communities, or how to engage so that your contributions are accepted. We packed it with insights into the culture, values, and benefits of open source software development. The book can assist decision makers, code developers, and everyone who works with them on projects touched by software.

Over the past year, the book has been shared with customers globally in many forums: AWS Summits, re:Invent, and open source software conferences including All Things Open and O’Reilly Media’s Software Architecture. If you missed getting a copy, you’ll find the English language pdf here. Now, AWS is offering four translations to spread these insights still further and more deeply into organizations worldwide.

We all live in a connected world, and no human endeavor reflects that development more than the open source movement. It crosses borders, enables global collaboration, and helps millions globally to build new futures. In that spirit, we’ve translated and are distributing “Open Source in the Enterprise” in Simplified Chinese, French, Korean, and Spanish. The book content is available under a Creative Commons 4.0. License. In addition to the English-language version, all four translations are free for download at

We’d love to hear of any topics in the book you’d like to learn more about, via And we welcome both feedback and input. Help us share and build on our collective open source knowledge to support the global community.

Zaheda Bhorat

Zaheda Bhorat

Zaheda Bhorat is part of the Open Source team at AWS. She has been instrumental in growing the AWS Open Source team and contributions. A computer scientist, Zaheda has held many open source and technology leadership roles for over twenty years. She was one of the co-creators of Google's Open Source Program Office and several successful programs including Summer of Code. She also brings a deep understanding in open standards from her work as head of open standards at Google, and as senior technology advisor for Government Digital Services, UK Cabinet Office. Here she drove policy for the adoption of open document formats. At Sun Microsystems, she led the project and the global community responsible for the success of and At Apple, she managed the EMEA and APAC online service teams. She serves on the UK Government Open Standards Board, and the Mifos Initiative board, where she combines her passion for technology, open source and social good. You can find her on Twitter @zahedab.