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Top ten AWS Open Source blog posts in 2019

diagram: How Kubernetes Ingress works with aws-alb-ingress-controller


Yesterday we published a list of lists of just about everything that happened on this blog in 2019. But which of these posts did readers care most about? Today, as promised, we give you the year’s top ten blog posts.

Five of our most-visited blog posts in 2019 were published in 2018, and several were also on last year’s top ten list (noted by *).

  1. Kubernetes Ingress with AWS ALB Ingress Controller – Nov 20, 2018. This post, originally by Nishi Davidson and Yang Yang, has now been updated to reflect new best practices in container security since we launched native least-privileges support at the pod level, and the instructions have been updated for the latest controller version.
  2. Keeping Open Source Open – Open Distro for Elasticsearch – Mar 11, 2019. Adrian Cockcroft laid out the reasons for our active participation in open source communities, and specifically why we created Open Distro for Elasticsearch.
  3. Announcing PartiQL: One query language for all your data – August 1, 2019. Yannis Papakonstantinou, Almann Goo, Brad Ruppert, Jon Wilsdon, and Prasad Varakur announced a new SQL-compatible query language that makes it easy to efficiently query data, regardless of where or in what format it is stored.
  4. Introducing Amazon Corretto, a No-Cost Distribution of OpenJDK with Long-Term Support* – Arun Gupta, Nov 14, 2018. This post was #1 in 2018, and Corretto continues to be a popular topic. We recently announced New update channels for Amazon Corretto releases.
  5. Continuous Delivery with Amazon EKS and Jenkins X – Nov 7, 2018. This guest post by Henryk Konsek of Capsilon Corp is an example of another popular category of posts, about CI/CD (hit that link for more!). (April 2020: The post has been removed because it covers features that have now been deprecated.)
  6. Introducing Fine-Grained IAM Roles for Service Accounts – Sept 4, 2019. Micah Hausler and Michael Hausenblas introduced an in-demand feature for Amazon EKS.
  7. AWS’ Sponsorship of the Rust Project – Oct 14, 2019. David Barsky, Arun Gupta, and Jacob Peddicord announced a sponsorship that the Rust community was evidently very happy about.
  8. Using a Network Load Balancer with the NGINX Ingress Controller on EKS – Aug 9, 2019. Ingress controllers are a hot topic. In this post, Cornell Anthony covered how to use an NGINX ingress controller on Amazon EKS, and how to front-face it with a Network Load Balancer (NLB).
  9. Getting Started with Istio on Amazon EKS *– Aug 24, 2018. This guest post by Matt Turner of Native Wave has been updated a couple of times since publication, as noted in the post. If you have questions/comments, Matt now requests that you post them on the Istio project directly.
  10. Running APIs Written in Java on AWS Lambda* – Stefano Buliani, Feb 28, 2018. Stefano announced the 1.0 release of our aws-serverless-java-container framework, and demonstrated how to build a Jersey application with it.

We’re always happy to have guest posts about open source projects that run on / extend / improve the customer experience of AWS, as well as posts from customers using Amazon open source projects. If you have a post to propose, please get in touch via the comments or @AWSOpen on Twitter.

Deirdré Straughan

Deirdré Straughan

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