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Busting the Myths about Storing Data in the Cloud

Let’s talk about cloud security. Naturally, federal leaders are concerned about the implications of cloud for their applications and the data within them, so security is a top-of-mind issue. Compound that with compliance and regulatory pressures, and you have a recipe for federal IT stress.

Broadly, the phrase “cloud security” refers to the cloud versions of security controls generally available on premises. One of the greatest misunderstandings within government IT is that cloud security is less reliable than on-prem security, says Bill Murray, senior manager of security programs at AWS.

“The idea that cloud is less secure comes from a perceived loss of control,” he explains. “However, with AWS you actually gain more control over your data than you have in your own on-premises environment.”

Control is inevitably married to peace of mind when it comes to security, and Murray says the idea that cloud takes away a user’s control over their data is a total misconception – a myth.

From control to access, there are many myths surrounding cloud computing. Check out more myth-busting insights from Bill Murray, Senior manager of security programs at AWS, here.

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