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First step in enterprise modernization: Securely transferring data to the AWS Cloud


One of the most difficult aspects in IT modernization in any industry—especially in highly regulated ones like government, financial services, and healthcare—can be getting data securely from on premises to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

In capital markets, moving fast while staying secure can determine an organization’s ability to modernize, optimize, and innovate with new technologies such as data lakes, big data analytics, and machine learning. In a blog post published on the AWS Cloud Enterprise Strategy Blog, John Allen, director of enterprise strategy at AWS, and John Kain, head of banking and capital markets at AWS, discuss data-transfer use cases using AWS PrivateLink in capital markets.

AWS PrivateLink provides private connectivity between virtual private clouds (VPCs), AWS services, and on-premises applications, making it accessible to connect services across different accounts and VPCs to simplify network architecture. It simplifies the security of data shared with cloud-based applications by eliminating the exposure of data to the public internet. To learn more about AWS PrivateLink, read the blog post, “The Consolidated Audit Trail and the Cloud.”

For more on FINRA CAT, check out previous blog post, “FINRA CAT Selects AWS for Consolidated Audit Trail” and watch Steve Randich’s keynote at the AWS Global Summit New York 2019 on how FINRA is using AWS to transform the enterprise to be digital first. You can also learn more about AWS PrivateLink by visiting the AWS PrivateLink website where you find adoption guides, eBooks, and common data-transfer and migration use cases.