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How to Achieve and Maintain ITAR Compliance in the Cloud

AWS GovCloud (US) is AWS’s isolated cloud region, which addresses International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliance requirements, and is accessible only to vetted root account holders who are U.S. Persons. Organizations and individuals with ITAR-controlled information are generally required to take necessary steps to make sure only U.S. Persons can view covered data.

As a cloud infrastructure provider, AWS does not have visibility into how customers use its services, including whether customer data is subject to ITAR. For this reason, AWS applies the same stringent security controls over all customer IT workloads in the region, regardless of whether the data is subject to ITAR or other export control requirements.

With this approach you can:

  1. Control access to achieve compliance
  2. Safeguard sensitive data
  3. Improve visibility
  4. Strengthen identity management

Learn more in this quick snapshot of our infographic. Download the full infographic here.

View and share the AWS GovCloud (US) video here.