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May 2018 Top Blog Roundup

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AWS and the Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight, Melbourne Business School experiences 99.89% uptime with Amazon WorkSpaces, and five ways new technologies can shape the future of work – all on this month’s top blog roundup.

1. New Low-Cost Option to Access AWS Direct Connect through Internet2

Using AWS Direct Connect, Internet2 and NET+ members can now establish private connectivity between AWS and their datacenter, office, or colocation environment, which can reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections. Read more.

2. AWS and the Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight

Security is a top priority for our public sector customers around the world, and security is best addressed through preventative measures before a compromise occurs. With the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD)’s development of eight key strategies for cybersecurity risk and threat mitigation, our customers can now implement the ASD Essential Eight with our services and support. The ASD Essential Eight is set of cyber security best practices that, when implemented successfully, will provide your agency with a baseline cybersecurity posture. Read more.

3. Melbourne Business School Experiences 99.89% Uptime with Amazon WorkSpaces

Melbourne Business School (MBS) is the graduate business school of the University of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. The Master of Business Analytics course is ranked #5 in the world, and provides students with skills and knowledge to become data scientists who can transform the way decisions are made in business. MBS is leveraging Amazon WorkSpaces to deliver consistent performance of course content. Read more.

4. 5 Ways New Technologies Can Shape the Future of Work: A recap of AWS Institute’s 2018 Brussels Summit roundtable

Technology adoption is a driver of inclusive growth. It helps people upskill and firms become more productive. As more organizations embrace digital transformation, it is often the result of deliberate choices. This starts with investing in current and future workers and businesses to prepare them to go digital, as the World Bank finds in its report about the relationship between technology adoption and equality of opportunity in the European Union. Read more.

5. Exploring Earth and Space with the Cloud

Planetary-scale analysis. Asking bigger questions of data. Pulling space closer to humanity. It’s all part of a growing trend of cloud adoption in the field of planetary science. And with cloud computing affording a once-unimaginable reach into space, paired with the capacity to analyze petabytes of Earth-observation data, our customers have remarkable, new stories to tell.

This is how the stars aligned for Earth & Space on AWS – a new addition to the upcoming AWS Public Sector Summit – Washington, DC, pre-day experience. Read more.

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