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The Path Forward: How State and Local Government Can Overcome Hurdles to Cloud Adoption

The Center for Digital Government surveyed more than 170 state and local government technology professionals to gauge their cloud ambitions and identify sticking points.

Based on survey data, government IT leaders perceive four key stumbling blocks around their cloud-adoption efforts:

  1. Cost savings: Many IT leaders find it hard to calculate specific cost savings in cloud services; this makes it difficult to demonstrate ROI and cost-justify a migration.
  2. Security concerns: More than one-third of respondents indicated they do not fully understand or appreciate the security controls available in the cloud.
  3. Legacy systems: Almost 40 percent of government technology professionals say their existing investment in legacy systems hinders them from moving more rapidly into the cloud.
  4. Personnel issues: One-third of respondents cited human resource concerns, suggesting either they fear cloud services will displace traditional IT workers, or that their teams do not have sufficient expertise to support a cloud deployment.

To dive deeper into each of these concerns and understand some common misperceptions about the cloud, download this paper. When armed with the facts and a capable cloud service partner, government IT leaders can approach the cloud with confidence.

AWS Public Sector Blog Team

AWS Public Sector Blog Team

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