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Open government procurement drives innovation using the cloud

It should be simple to build digital platforms that offer people reliable, clear ways to access government services such as healthcare, business registration, and welfare payments. Cloud technology makes it possible for every service to be simple, reliable, scalable, adaptable, and secure. Public sector agencies need to be able to access the cloud, and they do so through public procurement processes. Procurement’s role in supporting modern, digital services for governments is the subject of a report from the Open Data Institute (ODI) and Open Contracting Partnership (OCP).

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Three ways the public sector can hire, train and retain skilled digital transformation teams

The UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is one of the largest government departments in the UK, with more than 90,000 employees in more than 800 locations. It’s responsible for making $266 billion in payments each year. The DWP is carrying out a large-scale digital transformation to improve its services and the way it interacts with citizens. Read this blog post to discover three lessons that DWP learned about hiring, training, and retaining while reshaping its digital approach.

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The top 5 challenges of public service transformation

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Government Transformation team (GTT) has taken more than 5,000 senior public sector officials in 23 countries through its executive education program. Using participant feedback, GTT has identified five common digital transformation challenges that public sector leaders face and published a new series about the challenges. Read this blog to learn more.

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Meet the featured customer speakers for the Worldwide Public Sector Innovation Talk at re:Invent 2023

At this year’s re:Invent conference, AWS is introducing Innovation Talks, which are deep dives hosted by AWS thought leaders. Dave Levy, vice president of AWS worldwide public sector, is hosting the session, “Empowering citizens through digital innovation” and will be joined by speakers from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Covered California, and Singapore’s Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG). Read this blog post to learn more about these featured customers.

Thailand’s Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation Ministry collaborates with AWS to boost innovation and upskill public servants

AWS today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation (MHESI) to boost innovation using cloud technology. Through this collaboration, AWS will support MHESI to identify pilot workloads for the ministry to start migrating to the AWS Cloud. MHESI will also use AWS training programs to upskill employees on AWS Cloud skills across over 200 education institutions and over 20 MHESI-managed research and education agencies across Thailand by early 2026.

Singapore’s OneNUHS App uses AWS to help patients take ownership of their health

Singapore’s National University Health System (NUHS) collaborated with Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), Singapore’s technology agency for the public sector, to develop the OneNUHS App. The mobile healthcare application extends healthcare services beyond the hospital, providing telehealth services like video consultations with doctors and more. To accelerate time-to-launch, save costs, and support reliable access for Singaporeans, the OneNUHS app uses AWS.

How Nomad uses Amazon IVS to scale public court livestreams

According to the United States Constitution, public access to judicial proceedings is a right covered by the First and Sixth Amendments. To make hearings visible to the public, even when in-person attendance is limited, state and local governments are beginning to mandate many court proceedings be live streamed, often with a very short window to do so. The cloud-native media and asset management platform Nomad, which is built on AWS, helps governments implement scalable live streaming capabilities quickly and simply.

How the US DOJ Tax Division built a remote telework application in six weeks with AWS

In mid-February of 2022, the US federal government began planning the return-to-office after the COVID-19 pandemic. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) Tax Division needed to quickly build and launch a telework authorization application by April 1, which would help their more than 500 attorneys, paralegals, and administrative personnel request a hybrid work arrangement—all while keeping sensitive information compliant and secure. To do this, the DOJ Tax Division worked with AWS to build an enterprise-level telework approval application in less than two months, before the Division’s re-entry in mid-April of 2022.

Continuing the pace of government innovation with the cloud in Asia Pacific and Japan

Governments across Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) are taking bold steps to accelerate and simplify the process for public sector agencies to migrate to the cloud and leverage its benefits. Many are prioritizing digital transformation, putting in place cloud-first policies directing government agencies to use commercial cloud services, or defining national roadmaps to enable modernization of their IT services and systems.

Announcing the Future of Government Awards to recognize leaders in digital transformation

Nominations are now open for the Future of Government Awards, a new global awards program to recognize the people and projects leading the digital transformation of governments around the world. The Future of Government Awards program seeks to celebrate the hidden public sector heroes who work tirelessly to modernize their governments to improve citizen services. The awards champion innovative technology solutions that the public sector has created and shared—as well as the stories of government organizations that have successfully adapted and reused them. Nominate a public sector digital transformation hero today.