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The United States Air Force Turns to Xacta 360 from Telos Corporation to Automate Risk Management and Continuously Monitor Systems Enterprise-wide

When the United States Air Force was looking to automate IT risk management and security compliance of NIPRNet and SIPRNet environments across the enterprise, their search led them to Xacta 360, the risk management and compliance solution from AWS Partner Network (APN) partner Telos Corporation. Xacta 360 is helping the Air Force accelerate authorizations to operate (ATO) – leading to faster AWS cloud adoption – and to continuously monitor systems and workloads for security compliance.

AWS GovCloud (US) Region has an Impact Level (IL) 5 DoD provisional authorization, making AWS one of very few Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) able to meet the IL5 security and scaling requirements of initiatives such as the US Air Force’s Next Generation GPS Operational Control System program.

“The Air Force has historically led IT innovation throughout the Department of Defense (DoD),” said Telos CEO John B. Wood. “Their selection of Xacta 360 for enterprise risk management and the unmatched security of AWS GovCloud (US) combine to uniquely position AWS and Telos to serve the aggressive requirements of the DoD.”

Xacta 360 is a risk management and compliance platform specifically engineered to integrate with many AWS services to speed and streamline the continuous compliance assessment of AWS-based workloads. Xacta 360 allows organizations to seamlessly automate compliance validation and reporting as they deploy their AWS cloud workloads. It generates and auto-populates a compliance package for the specific cloud environment, and users can complete an entire risk and compliance management process via a friendly wizard-based application.

With Xacta 360, the system can inherit pre-vetted security controls of the AWS services, as well as streamline the multiple steps involved in validating compliance of workloads. With Xacta 360 users reach and maintain compliance in the AWS Cloud faster than manual methods, so they gain the AWS benefits of savings, flexibility, and scalability sooner.

The recent passage of the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act clears the way for a cloud-first approach to improving information technology systems, and the President’s executive order on cybersecurity makes clear that risk management must remain a concern. Automation is the key to transforming risk management requirements from potential IT implementation roadblocks into mission enablers. As an APN partner, Telos participates with AWS in this opportunity to revolutionize the government IT landscape.

View this video for a quick overview of Xacta and how it simplifies and streamlines cloud compliance. Then visit Xacta 360 in the AWS Marketplace to get started.