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Trends from IACP: How technology can improve law enforcement

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is a worldwide organization for law enforcement leadership to communicate new ideas, share experiences, disseminate information, and build relationships with other law enforcement entities.

This year’s conference included sessions on trends in the law enforcement environment, new ideas, technology, and real-world applications. Here are some of the topics that AWS and our network of partners and solutions providers are working on to improve with law enforcement:

  • Human and Child Trafficking: With two sessions devoted to the topic, the law enforcement community is taking strides to stop human and child trafficking. Thorn and Marinus Analytics are using Amazon Rekognition to process information and data more quickly, cutting investigation times and improving access to information.
  • The Sea of Data: Between body-worn cameras, mobile applications, and cloud storage, data is one of the biggest issues facing agencies today. The cloud enables agencies to improve officer safety, increase situational awareness, streamline processes, save money, and build trust with the community. Access our “Data On-Demand” whitepaper to learn more about how law enforcement can benefit from data management.
  • Data for real-life situational awareness: Leading a data-driven department can have a significant impact on time and cost. Having data on demand improves visibility and situational awareness. Body-worn cameras and mobile data can improve access and information for all those responding to an incident. Learn how Lawrence PD uses body-worn camera data for improvement through assessment, de-escalation, and interagency collaboration.
  • Public health and public safety collaboration solving the opioid crisis: The AWS state and local team leads a council of public health professionals, driving conversation around actionable steps to reduce addiction. Read more about the opioid council, or reach out to to get involved.
  • Disaster Response: Your data should be the last of your worries when you are dealing with a natural disaster. The AWS Disaster Response Program is a support service available to our public sector customers. With the AWS Disaster Response Program, customers can focus on mission-critical functions, while AWS provisions critical data and applications, transports hardware to the base of operations, and implements deployable infrastructure based on customer need.

Learn more about next-generation cloud technology that’s ushering in a new era of policing or reach out to with the challenges facing your department.