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What you need to know (part 1): The public sector guide to technical sessions at re:Invent 2019

re:Invent 2019 is less than a month away! This year’s conference is going to be the biggest yet, with more than 60,000 attendees and more than 2,500 technical sessions.

Check out the AWS Public Sector Guide to re:Invent 2019 or read below for more details on the technical sessions specific to the public sector. Check out other sessions that might be relevant to government, education, and nonprofits by searching the re:Invent 2019 event catalog, filtering by Industry (select “Public Sector”).

Read part two of the series “What you need to know (part 2): The public sector guide to everything else at re:Invent 2019” to learn about other public sector-related activities at re:Invent 2019 including a hackathon, happy hours, and the AWS Worldwide Public Sector Breakfast.

Public Sector Content at re:Invent 2019

Breakout Sessions

  • A Tale of Two IT Modernization Strategies (WPS201)
  • Modernizing Public Sector in the Cloud (WPS205)
  • AWS Educate: Innovation in Education (WPS203)
  • Monitoring the Earth without Costing the World (WPS323)
  • Blockchain for Science and Research (WPS202)
  • AWS Secret Region: Lessons Learned around DevSecOps (WPS310)
  • AI for Good: Harnessing AI and Machine Learning to Transform Your Mission (WPS204)

Chalk Talks

  • Continuous Monitoring Techniques in AWS GovCloud (US) (WPS308)
  • Pushing Amazon RDS to the Limit (WPS304)
  • Building your Geospatial Data Lake (WPS305)
  • AWS Public Datasets: Lessons from Staging Petabytes of Data for Analysis (WPS306)
  • Building a Serverless GIS/Geo-Positioning and Alerting System (WPS307)
  • Zero-Trust Networking for Enterprise Apps and SaaS in the AWS Cloud (WPS401)
  • Aiding Natural Disaster Response with Amazon SageMaker & Amazon Comprehend (WPS309)
  • Container Security and Avoiding the 2 a.m. Call (WPS313)
  • Security Automation Using Open Source and AWS for NIST Workloads (WPS301-R)
  • Amazon WorkSpaces for Regulated Industries (WPS314)
  • The Zen of DataOps: Lake Formation and the Data Supply Chain Pipeline (WPS315)

We Power Tech

  • We Power Tech: Designing cities with inclusion in mind (WPT201)
  • We Power Tech: Bias in AI/ML (WPT202)
  • We Power Tech: In diversity and inclusion, details matter (WPT203)
  • We Power Tech: Women shifting to an abundance mindset (WPT204)


Watch the “How to re:Invent” video series to know how to plan your time at re:Invent. Start planning your schedule at any time by logging into your account, visiting the session catalog, and marking sessions you’re interested in attending. Remember that reserved seating is now available for some sessions.

See you in Vegas!