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Noise in Quantum Computing

Customers looking to solve their hardest computational problems often wonder about the production-readiness of quantum computing. They want to know when a full-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computer will be available, and what the obstacles are to achieving this ambitious goal. Current generation quantum computers are not fault-tolerant and have limited utility, but customers are experimenting with […]

Setting up a cross-Region private environment in Amazon Braket

At AWS we say that security is “job zero”, by which we mean it is even more important than any number one priority. Amazon Braket is built around this philosophy; we often have conversations with customers who want to be able to work in a secured environment, and access Amazon Braket through private connections rather […]

Setting up your local development environment in Amazon Braket

As a fully managed quantum computing service, Amazon Braket provides a development environment based on Jupyter notebooks for you to experiment with quantum algorithms, test them on quantum circuit simulators, and run them on different quantum hardware technologies. However, Amazon Braket does not restrict you to use only the managed notebooks and the AWS management […]