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The active space is localised on the oxygen atoms and two neighbouring platinum atoms

Exploring computational chemistry using Quantinuum’s InQuanto on AWS

Introduction Quantum computers hold the promise of driving novel approaches to solving complex problems across multiple fields, including optimization, machine learning, and the simulation of physical systems. Researchers are already using quantum computers to explore computational chemistry problems, however the scale and capabilities of quantum devices available today is limited by noise and other factors. […]

Setting up a cross-Region private environment in Amazon Braket

At AWS we say that security is “job zero”, by which we mean it is even more important than any number one priority. Amazon Braket is built around this philosophy; we often have conversations with customers who want to be able to work in a secured environment, and access Amazon Braket through private connections rather […]

Using quantum annealing on Amazon Braket for price optimization

Combinatorial Optimization is one of the most popular fields in applied optimization, and it has various practical applications in almost every industry, including both private and public sectors. Examples include supply chain optimization, workforce and production planning, manufacturing layout design, facility planning, vehicle scheduling and routing, financial engineering, capital budgeting, retail seasonal planning, telecommunication network […]

Amazon Braket

Using Quantum Machine Learning with Amazon Braket to Create a Binary Classifier

By Michael Fischer, Chief of Innovation at Aioi Insurance Services USA, Daniel Brooks, Research Data Scientist formerly of Aioi Insurance Services USA, with AWS quantum solution architects Pavel Lougovski and Tyler Takeshita. This post details an approach taken by Aioi Insurance Services USA to research an exploratory quantum machine learning application using the Amazon Braket […]