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Introducing AWS Artifact: Speeding Access to Compliance Reports

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I am pleased to announce AWS Artifact, a no-cost, self-service audit report and certification retrieval portal in the AWS Management Console that gives AWS customers on-demand access to AWS compliance reports.

To document the current and historical compliance of the AWS infrastructure and services, many AWS customers provide compliance reports—including those for ISO, SOC, and PCI—to their auditors or regulators. You can now sign in to the AWS Management Console on your computer or mobile phone, and pull relevant reports in minutes. You can also give auditors and regulators direct access to one or more AWS compliance reports using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions.

AWS Director of Risk and Compliance Chad Woolf spoke about his vision of Artifact: “Naturally, we’re excited to provide customers and their auditors with selection and convenience when assessing the security that AWS provides,” Woolf said. “The release of AWS Artifact sets the stage for AWS to transform the auditing industry, moving auditing from being time-intensive and manual to highly automated and continuous in the cloud.”

You can start downloading the audit reports in the AWS Management Console today. Many of the documents are confidential and require you to accept Amazon’s confidentiality terms and conditions, but after you review and agree to those terms, you will be granted instant access to review documents.  You can also see Getting Started with AWS Artifact for more details.

To learn more about Artifact, see the Artifact home page. See the AWS Cloud Compliance home page for more about AWS Cloud compliance and certifications.

– Sara