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Top Cloud IT Investment Trends for Small and Medium Businesses in 2023

How do the waves of interconnected economic, social, and political disruptions affect small and medium businesses (SMBs)? What key strategies should they be adapting to thrive in such market while still transforming into resilient digital businesses? Global financial challenges have caused systemic changes in the market such as inflation, an IT skills gap, supply chain, […]

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Gaining Deeper Insights into Manufacturing and Sales with Cloud Technology

For small and medium businesses (SMBs) with a strong sense of tradition, it can be difficult to navigate modern-day challenges like inflation and supply chain disruption. Birra Menabrea is an Italian brewing firm that was founded over 175 years ago and now produces nearly 6.6 million gallons of beer annually, roughly 20 percent of which […]

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How Telescope Health Streamlines Virtual Care in the Cloud

Virtual care is here to stay. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 37 percent of US adults used telemedicine to receive clinical healthcare in 2021 and patients continue to expect convenient, streamlined, and personalized services. Telemedicine presents considerable opportunities for both patients and healthcare companies. Virtual care increases access for patients with limited mobility, […]

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What You Need to Develop a Data Protection Strategy for Your Small and Medium Business

While it is difficult to run a business, today small or medium businesses (SMBs) have the added challenges of defending themselves from sophisticated cyber and ransomware exposures, staying in compliance with their industry’s rules and regulations, and protecting customer data getting accidentally deleted or lost. A recent survey by CyberCatch revealed that 30% of SMBs […]

Two business owners discussing their cloud transformation journey on a production floor

The European Union’s New Sustainability Regulations for Small and Medium Businesses: Challenges and Opportunities

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are “the backbone of Europe’s economy,” according to the European Commission, accounting for fully 99% of all EU businesses and half the GDP. And because of their track record of innovation and adaptability, a lot of focus is being placed on SMBs to help meet environmental goals. A new law […]

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Four Digital Marketing Best Practices for Small and Medium Businesses Moving to the Cloud

A strong digital marketing strategy is critical for the success of your small business. More than 4.6 billion people use the internet, and 46.3% of them use it to research products before they purchase. With all of the tools and content out there, it can feel overwhelming to get your business on the right track. […]

Two business owners discussing their cloud transformation journey on a production floor

Seeking a Technology Partner to Modernize IT for Small and Medium Business Needs

Today, digital technologies have opened up a new world of possibilities for modernizing small and medium businesses (SMBs). Some growing companies like yours are taking on initiatives improving telecommunications programs and increasing customer service effectiveness with newer, flexible IT cloud services. However, many companies are lagging behind in the digital revolution when it comes to […]

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My Cloud Migration Strategy Helped Me Prepare for the Future in Months, Not Years

From staffing shortages to supply chain bottlenecks, the telecom industry has experienced many of the same problems facing almost every business sector since the pandemic. But along with these challenges, telecom and broadband companies are also feeling a demand for innovation. The last two years have brought a fresh wave of investment to telecom, including […]

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Three Ways Small and Medium Businesses Can Reduce IT Cost Barriers to the Cloud

Managing cloud migration project spending continues to be the most cited challenge that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have encountered as scaling operational demands becomes increasingly vital to maintaining a competitive edge in the market. There are a number of ways to finance a cloud migration but for SMBs, finding the most cost-effective solution is […]

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How to Manage Cloud Costs for Your Small or Medium Business

For your small or medium business (SMB) to get maximum return on its IT investments, you must build a strong foundation of cloud financial management capabilities. IDC surveys (2022) show that cloud infrastructure and Platform as a Service costs are topping the list of the highest area of cost containment concern (53%). At the same […]