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How Deepen AI Makes Sense of Multi-Dimensional Data Created by Autonomous Tech

For Deepen AI founder Mohammad Musa, working on autonomous tech is more than just being on the cutting edge of development; it’s about family. This dawned on him one morning when his car needed to be taken into the shop, which led him to bringing his daughter to school in an Uber. He traces his interest in autonomy to that extra 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with her.

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Viaduct’s David Hallac on Capturing the Value of Automotive Data

Driving remains one of the quintessential American activities. Over 90 percent of US households have at least one car, and drivers spend an average of around 290 hours a year in their vehicles. And, thanks to the auto industry’s recent embrace of data technology, much of that time on the road now produces an enormous amount of useful information. David Hallac is the founder and CEO of Viaduct, a new company creating a machine learning platform for managing, analyzing, and monetizing that data.

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Carlabs Brings AI-Based Customer Service to the Auto Industry

Founded in 2015, offers an artificial intelligence-based customer service platform for the auto industry. Previously, car manufacturers had little contact with the end user. They’d sell the cars to a dealer, who then would do the customer interaction work. Consumers these days all want a direct connection with a brand, and that connection is what helps facilitate.

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DeepMap Charts the Future of Automated Driving

Perhaps you think the world is already sufficiently mapped. With the advent of satellite images and Google Street View, it seems like every square inch of the globe is represented in data. But for autonomous vehicles, much of the world is uncharted territory. That’s because the maps designed for humans “can’t be consumed by robots,” says Tom Wang, the director of engineering at DeepMap, a Palo Alto startup that provides HD maps for self-driving cars.

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Renovo Helps Autonomous Vehicle Companies Manage Their Mountains of Data

While data is extremely important in all technology industries, this importance is perhaps taken to another level with autonomous driving. Autonomous vehicles, for example, will generate roughly four to five terabytes of data an hour, meaning a fleet of 2,000 cars will generate more data a day than Facebook. That’s per Chris Heiser, Co-Founder and CEO of Renovo, a startup built to help companies process these new streams of data.

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