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Automating shadow copies configuration on Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

We often hear from customers that they love the self-service, fine-grained file restore capability of the shadow copies feature on Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Filer Server (Amazon FSx). Our customers also relay to us the convenience of being able to schedule shadow copies on file systems using PowerShell commands. However, enabling Windows shadow […]

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Automatically import Amazon S3 object updates into Amazon FSx for Lustre

Many enterprises and other AWS customers often store their datasets and build their data lakes on Amazon S3. Since Amazon FSx for Lustre is deeply integrated with S3, customers can create a new FSx for Lustre file system linked to their S3 bucket in minutes. FSx for Lustre file systems transparently present S3 objects as […]

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Deploying Jenkins on Amazon EKS with Amazon EFS

Many applications that companies try to containerize require persistent or shared storage, such as DevOps tools, content management systems (CMS), and data science notebooks. With the introduction of the Amazon EFS Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver, now Generally Available, developers can use Amazon EFS to provide elastic, durable, and persistent shared storage to containerized applications […]

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