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Earn new badges by building your cloud storage knowledge

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Millions of customers use AWS storage services to transform their business, increase agility, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation. Customers can choose from a broad portfolio of storage solutions with deep functionality for storing, accessing, protecting, and analyzing data, as well as multiple ways to use cloud storage including migrating applications, building data lakes, modernizing application development, backup, archive, and more. But how do you decide which storage solution is right, and how can you show others that your recommendations are credible?

AWS Storage learning plans

AWS Training and Certification provides flexible Storage learning plans through AWS Skill Builder to help you build in-demand cloud storage knowledge by progressing from foundational to advanced concepts. AWS Storage digital learning badges are available to showcase your knowledge once you score 80% or higher on the associated online assessment for any of these learning plans. The Storage Learning plans include:

Whether you’re an on-premises or cloud storage engineer, storage administrator, developer, solutions architect, or just interested in building your cloud storage knowledge, these learning plans and digital courses have been designed by our AWS Storage teams based on best practices to help you discover more possibilities with modern AWS Cloud Storage services and solutions.

“Earning seven AWS Storage badges in two months required discipline. To better assist our customers in optimizing and innovating, I’m driven to acquire in-depth knowledge in broad and complex areas. Common use cases include Data Migration, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery,” says Gokul Bala, Cloud Solutions Architect at Crayon, an AWS Premier Partner. “Thanks to these learning plans and badges, I’ve added value to my position as a Cloud Solution Architect, and provided value to other Crayon consultants who have found my expertise useful in differentiating their bids and delivery.”

image of eight AWS storage learning path badges a learner can earn

How do you earn a badge?

Earn the trust and confidence of peers, leaders, customers, and potential employers by earning free and verifiable AWS Storage digital learning badges and sharing with your network. Score 80% or higher on the associated online assessment for any of these learning plans, and we’ll award you a free digital learning badge through Credly.

“These badges are perfect whether you’re new to AWS, a storage professional looking to grow your cloud experience, or if you’re like me, a seasoned cloud builder looking to validate your skillset,” says Dave Stauffacher, Chief Platform Engineer at Direct Supply and AWS Community Hero. He earned the Object, Block, and File badges – and thus earned the Core badge, too. In the video below, Dave shares three tips for earning your badges based on his experience.

Build AWS Storage Skills - video

Earn Object, File, and Block badges, and we’ll award you the Storage Core digital badge – just like Dave Stauffacher –  which demonstrates your knowledge of these three types of cloud data storage. Earn all the Storage digital badges, and we’ll award you the Storage Technologist digital badge (Dave’s next challenge).

Next steps

Explore the Storage learning plans to get started today! And when you earn your digital badge-or if you already have-don’t forget to share it on social media and tag #AWSTraining.