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Getting started on your learning journey for .NET on AWS

Are you a .NET developer who wants to leverage cloud technologies to build fully hosted .NET applications? Would you like your application to automatically scale up and down, be available worldwide, and be easy to maintain? Amazon Web Services (AWS) has the services, .NET-specific tooling, and third-party integrations you need to easily, securely, and reliably develop, deliver, and maintain your .NET applications.

This blog walks you through the AWS Training, hands-on labs, and learning resources we offer to help you learn to design, develop, and maintain .NET applications in the AWS Cloud. Let’s get started!

Take the first steps in your .NET on AWS learning journey

If you’re new to .NET on AWS, we have a free, 90-minute digital course, Getting Started with .NET on AWS. In this course, you’ll learn about AWS services and tools designed for .NET applications and walk through a sample deployment of a .NET application on AWS. Then, you can take your learning further with hands-on, experiential practice in our self-paced lab, Getting Started with .NET on AWS. This lab has a fee of $8 USD.

Dive into our .NET resources

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of .NET on AWS, visit Build .NET applications on AWS to explore tools and technologies to build and modernize your applications. Here, you’ll discover content that helps you advance your knowledge of the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK) for .NET, integrated development environment integrations (AWS Toolkits), serverless development, infrastructure as code, and more. You can also find hands-on tutorials using the AWS Free Tier and links to various communities and blogs.

The self-paced, digital Building Modern .NET Applications on AWS course on Coursera and edX is another great way to further your skills. This course covers how to build modern .NET applications on the AWS Cloud using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Cognito, and more. The course includes videos, guided walkthroughs, knowledge checks, and hands-on labs using the AWS Free Tier.

The AWS Developer Ramp-Up Guide and Developer page on AWS Training and Certification’s site also offer many free and fun learning opportunities, including our library of courses, workshops, hands-on labs, videos, whitepapers, and more, covering subjects from modern application development, to containers, to serverless development and DevOps.

Take advantage of live classroom training

By now, you’ve explored our self-paced training content and utilized our hands-on labs and learning resources covering the basic .NET tools you need to develop, deliver, and maintain your applications.

Our three-day, virtual classroom course, Developing on AWS, is the next step to help you build your expertise. Our classroom courses—currently taught in a live, virtual environment—go beyond theory to address real-life use cases and contexts and enable participants to practice skills in a sandbox environment. You can ask questions and get on-the-spot, practical help from an AWS Accredited Instructor. In this course, you’ll explore various topics, such as:

  • Using the AWS SDK and tools to develop secure and scalable cloud applications
  • Writing .NET code to interact with AWS services, such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
  • Key concepts, best practices, and design considerations to modernize your .NET applications

Commit to your DevOps future with an industry certification

Now that you’ve worked hard to learn all about .NET on AWS, consider validating your expertise and knowledge with an industry-recognized AWS Certification. There are 11 role- and solution-specific AWS Certifications, including AWS Certified Developer – Associate. Each exam validates your expertise and knowledge in the given domain. All AWS Certification exams are available via online remote proctoring from the comfort of your home or a private space of your choosing. Additionally, we offer certification exam-prep resources, including free digital exam-readiness courses, sample questions, and practice exams.

Keep learning

AWS is committed to continuing to build tools and services to make it easy for you to develop, deliver, and maintain your applications in the AWS Cloud. Dive into our latest developer courses to take your cloud-native developer skills to the next level. Happy learning!