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ICYMI: April 2021 new courses, stories, and resources from AWS Training and Certification

Below is a summary of AWS Training and Certification news and updates for April 2021. Explore our training content, stories, and resources.

Organizations investing in cloud skills development

AWS Skills Guild is now available globally

AWS Skills Guild is a comprehensive cloud skills enablement program for large organizations to accelerate their cloud-adoption journey and build cloud fluency across the organization. After the successful pilot of the Guild in Australia and New Zealand, the program is now available for qualified enterprise customers worldwide. Absa Group in South Africa, Globe Telecom in the Philippines, and Principal Financial Group in the Americas, are some of the newest participants. Read more about how AWS is helping develop the cloud-educated talent that digital transformations require, and empowering their skills, ownership, and confidence to innovate.

Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH upskills employees to help modernize in the cloud

During their migration to the cloud, Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH launched a broad, ambitious initiative to upskill a large number of employees in cloud technology, including AWS. By leveraging AWS T&C, they exceeded their training and certification goals. Read the full story.

New AWS Training courses

The Global Kick Start: Get AWS Certified Challenge provides participants around the world with a recommended learning path to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam and motivates them to achieve the certification by July 1, 2021. All preparation materials are free, including the interactive, six-week Twitch series, AWS Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner. Read more and join the challenge now through June 11, 2021.

Machine Learning Essentials for Business and Technical Decision Makers is a new curriculum designed for executives and technical leaders who want to solve business problems with ML. You’ll learn how to develop a roadmap for integrating ML into your business, how to determine if ML is the appropriate solution for a business problem, and the necessary components for a successful organizational adoption of ML. Read more about the course and register.

Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS is designed for developers who want learn how to build, secure, deploy, and manage modern serverless applications. You’ll use AWS Serverless Frameworks (AWS Serverless Application Model and AWS Amplify) to deploy your serverless application in six hands-on labs that progress from simple to complex topics. Read more about the course and register.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials is designed for learners in technical or non-technical roles who want to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud. In this updated course, you’ll engage with an accredited AWS expert instructor to learn the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud using a mix of presentations, peer discussions, and interactive activities. Customers, Partners, and Amazonians can register.

Systems Operations on AWS is designed for systems operators and anyone performing system operations who want to learn how to configure, deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot AWS environments. In this updated course, you’ll learn how to automate administrative tasks, ensure resource compliance, and improve the security and resilience of your environment to prevent downtime and maintain continuity of your business applications. Customers, Partners, and Amazonians can register.

Amazon Simple Storage Service Performance Optimization is designed for cloud architects, storage architects, and operations engineers who want to learn about tools and techniques to improve, optimize, and monitor Amazon S3 performance. The course also covers advanced constructs, such as prefix parallelization and transfer acceleration, to help optimize your Amazon S3 performance. Customers, Partners, and Amazonians can register.

Amazon Elastic Block Store Primer is designed for cloud architects, storage architects, and operations engineers who want to learn how to create, manage, and tune performance for Amazon EBS volumes while balancing cost and performance. Customers, Partners, and Amazonians can register.

AWS Network Connectivity Options is designed for network engineers, enterprise architects, and infrastructure architects who want to learn about various network-connectivity design patterns. The course also covers how to select the best option for creating a secure, scalable, and highly available network for your use case. Customers, Partners, and Amazonians can register.

Getting Started with Data Analytics on AWS is designed for business analysts, business intelligence analysts, data scientists, and SysOps administrators who are new to AWS data and analytics services and want to learn how to go from raw data to meaningful insights using AWS CloudTrail, Amazon Athena, and Amazon QuickSight. This course is available on Coursera, edX, and Udemy.

Grow your cloud skills with AWS Training and Certification

Pivot to a cloud career

Burning Glass Technology, a labor-market-analytics company, forecasts jobs that require cloud skills in the US will see 28% growth in the next five years. We’ve seen some inspiring stories over the past year of organizations investing in upskilling their workforce and individuals taking steps to prepare for a cloud-related role. In this series, we are sharing about individuals who built cloud skills and pioneered a new path for their career. Read blog 1 and blog 2 and learn how you can take advantage of free training and hands-on resources to grow skills to pivot to a cloud career.

5 steps to overcome common ML learning challenges

If you’ve thought about adding artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) expertise to your cloud toolkit, there’s no better time! Whether you’ve dabbled in ML, you’re completely new, or you’re looking to solidify your expertise, there are a multitude of trainings, hands-on labs, and customer-use-case examples that you can take advantage of now to skill up. Read how to overcome five common roadblocks you may come across in your ML journey, along with resources from AWS Training and Certification.

10 areas to review before taking the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty exam

If you’ve thought about preparing for and taking the certification exam for AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty, this blog post shares 10 specific topics that candidates should understand before taking the exam.

Demand for cloud skills expected to triple by 2025 in APAC

AlphaBeta, a strategy and economics firm, investigated the current and future state of digital skills in the APAC workforce. Read insights from the report and specific advice for four types of workers to build their cloud skills.

Grow your skills with AWS

When hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was little, his dad coached him with the following advice: “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” As it happens, this famous piece of guidance is as relevant to today’s IT professionals as it was to young Wayne. If you’re serious about your career, you already know that the “puck” is zooming toward the cloud. Learn three quick tips to keep your skills sharp for cloud career opportunities.


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