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New courses and certification offerings from AWS Training and Certification in January 2024

Happy 2024 from AWS Training and Certification! We’re excited for the year ahead as you build skills to work with AWS services and solutions.

In January, we launched 24 new digital training products on AWS Skill Builder, including three new learning plans for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and a Solutions Architect-focused version of AWS Card Clash. On Coursera, we launched courses 5-9 to round out the AWS Cloud Technology Consultant Professional Certificate. To learn DevOps-style best practices for building, training, and deploying ML models, check out the updated three-day AWS Classroom course, MLOps Engineering on AWS.

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New AWS Skill Builder subscription features

The following are new features of AWS Skill Builder Individual or Team subscription. With subscription, you can also access 195+ AWS Builder Labs, enhanced exam prep resources, AWS Cloud Quest, AWS Industry Quest, AWS Jam Journeys, and more. There’s something for every cloud learner, from brand new builder to experienced professional.

AWS Builder Labs

Refactoring Legacy Apps to Microservices using AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces (90 min.) provides you with an opportunity to explore the process of moving from a monolithic application architecture to a microservice architecture, using AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces.


AWS Jam Journey provides a gamified, experiential learning path to build your AWS skills with real-world challenges, available in both AWS Skill Builder Individual and Team subscriptions. Our newest Jam offering, AWS Jam Journey: Security re:Invent 2023, is comprised of six highly rated hands-on challenges, giving you an opportunity to test your AWS security skills by solving various challenges created by the experts at AWS.

AWS Certification exam prep and updates

AWS will be updating exam prices on April 1, 2024, to reflect foreign exchange (FX) conversion rates. These changes only affect countries that use the Australian dollar (AUD), euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), and Korean won (KRW). Exams that are already scheduled will not be affected. Be sure to review the updated exam pricing based on the FX rate changes and related FAQs before scheduling exams on or after April 1, 2024.

New languages for exam prep resources

Exam Prep Official Pretest: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) is now available in Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish LatAm (English already available). Free within AWS Skill Builder.

Exam Prep Official Question Set: AWS Certfied Data Engineer – Associate (DEA-C01) is now available in Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese (English already available). Free within AWS Skill Builder.

Free digital courses on AWS Skill Builder

The following digital courses and learning plans are all offered free within AWS Skill Builder.

Digital Learning Plans

Learning Plans pull together training content for a particular role or solution, organized from foundational to advanced. Use Learning Plans as a starting point to discover training that matters to you.

Generative AI Learning Plan for Developers (11 hours) introduces generative artificial intelligence (AI) to developers who are interested in leveraging large language models without fine-tuning. This Learning Plan provides an overview of generative AI, planning a generative AI project, getting started with Amazon Bedrock, the foundations of prompt engineering, and the architecture patterns to build generative AI applications using Amazon Bedrock and LangChain.

AI Language Service Learning Plan (4 hours) is designed for developers interested in building chatbots, search applications leveraging natural language understanding, and transcribing calls in a contact center environment. You can combine these three AI services to build virtual contact center agents and conversational solutions that provide highly accurate responses to frequently asked questions.

Machine Learning Learning Plan – Intelligent Document Processing (2 hours, 30 min.) is designed to help developers who are new to AI services build Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions on AWS. This Learning Plan will provide you with an overview of Amazon Textract and Amazon Comprehend services. You will also get to practice what you learned with the help of a video tutorial in your own AWS account.

Game-based digital training

AWS Card Clash has expanded with a new Solutions Architect learning path that features 12 AWS architecture designs. Select this path to explore a broad set of AWS services to design secure, fault-tolerant, and highly available AWS solutions. Players will gain practical knowledge about how AWS services are used in real-world applications and will be able to identify common architectures as they learn to win each match.

Fundamental courses for technical learners

Fundamentals of Analytics on AWS – Part 1 (2 hours) teaches you fundamental analytics concepts, including types, main characteristics known as the “5 V’s”, and challenges associated with processing high volumes of data. This course also maps the 5 V’s of analytics to AWS services. This is the first course in a two-part series.

Fundamentals of Analytics on AWS – Part 2 (90 min.) provides you with an overview of data lakes, data warehouses, and modern data architecture on AWS, and the AWS services you can use to do so.

AWS X-Ray Getting Started (60 min.) teaches you how to analyze the behavior of distributed production applications with end-to-end tracing capabilities. AWS X-Ray helps to identify performance bottlenecks, edge-case errors, and other hard-to-detect issues.

AWS CloudTrail Lake Getting Started (60 min.) teaches you concepts to aggregate, immutably store, and query AWS activities of management and data events recorded by CloudTrail for auditing, security investigations, and operational troubleshooting purposes.

Amazon CloudWatch Getting Started (60 min.) teaches you how to improve the performance and availability of your applications. Amazon CloudWatch helps observe and monitor resources and applications on AWS Cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments.

Intermediate courses for technical learners

Build with AWS Config – Enabling Security Controls and Incident Response (60 min.) teaches you how to continually assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations and relationships of resources on AWS.

Optimizing Costs for Windows Workloads on AWS (90 min.) teaches you how to determine the right cost optimization techniques and tools to achieve lower costs and better performance for Microsoft workloads on AWS. You’ll learn about common cost optimization techniques, top recommendations with insights and practical examples, and how they can be applied.

Amazon Relational Database Service for MySQL – Troubleshooting (45 min.) teaches you about applying best practices to recognize and resolve issues with Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for MySQL. You’ll learn about different ways of gathering information and using AWS monitoring tools to troubleshoot. This course also introduces using AWS Support documentation and AWS Support to solve any Amazon RDS for MySQL issues.

Fundamental courses for non-technical learners and executives

AWS Cloud Essentials for Business Leaders – Education (60 min.) teaches you fundamental concepts of cloud computing and how a cloud strategy can help your education organization meet its business objectives. You’ll explore how Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the most advanced and secure cloud services, the deepest collaborative business solution, and the fastest rate of innovation.

AWS Digital Training from AWS Training Partners

Skills for working as an AWS Cloud Consultant (10 hours) is course #5 in the AWS Cloud Technology Consultant Professional Certificate and teaches a new-to-the-cloud student or professional how to find the balance of soft skills and hard skills when investigating and solving customer problems as a cloud consultant.

DevOps on AWS and Project Management (8 hours) (course #6) teaches you the basic steps to dive into the world of DevOps and product management.

Automation in the AWS Cloud (8 hours) (course #7) teaches you how automating in the cloud can simplify processes, enable agility and scalability, and help you deploy faster.

Data Analytics and Databases on AWS (9 hours) (course #8) teaches you how to develop essential skills that will help you think like a data analyst. You’ll explore key data types and structures, and apply this knowledge directly to discussions on SQL and NoSQL databases.

Capstone: Following the Well-Architected Framework (11 hours) (course #9) teaches you about the AWS Well-Architected Framework, a set of best practices and guidelines for designing and building secure, high-performing, resilient, efficient solutions on AWS. You’ll apply the framework to a capstone project, and will cover areas such as security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, operational excellence, and sustainability.

Read about the full nine-course AWS Cloud Technology Consultant Professional Certificate.

Free event-based training

Join us on February 15 for a free virtual half-day AWSome Day training event delivered by our skilled in-house instructor and guest speakers. You’ll explore core AWS services such as compute, storage, databases, and networking, designed to accelerate your success in the AWS Cloud. You’ll also hear from AWS Partner, Rackspace Technology, and learn how partners like Rackspace can help accelerate your business, increase agility, and reduce costs. Register now.

AWS Classroom training

MLOps Engineering on AWS (3 days) has been updated to help you bring DevOps-style practices into the building, training, and deployment of machine learning (ML) models by learning from an expert AWS instructor. You’ll learn how to address the challenges associated with hand-offs between data engineers, data scientists, software developers, and operations through the use of tools, automation, processes, and teamwork. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to build and troubleshoot an ML pipeline.

AWS Training for Partners

AWS Partner: Modern Applications (Sales) (30 mins.) is exclusively for sales and customer-facing AWS Partners looking to gain non-technical knowledge of AWS, modern application use cases, and common solutions to facilitate business-level conversations with key buyer personas. You’ll work through a use case, access presentations, online resources, call simulations, and complete knowledge checks, while learning the same customer-engagement best practices AWS uses to train its own internal sales teams.