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New courses and updates from AWS Training and Certification in May 2022

Editor’s note: Below you’ll find descriptions of new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification courses and offerings for cloud learners, AWS customers, and AWS Partners for May 2022. New digital courses focus on cloud essentials, networking basics, compute, container management, and audit activities. Classroom training also is available for learning about securing workloads on the AWS Cloud and building a data warehousing solution, and there are certification updates for Advanced Networking – Specialty, Solutions Architect – Professional, and SAP on AWS – Specialty.

AWS Digital Training

FutureLearn offers two cloud essentials courses

Learners in technical and non-technical roles can access two, 19-hour, fundamental cloud courses on the London-based digital education platform, FutureLearn, to help fulfill their career objectives.

  • Technical roles:  AWS Cloud Technical Essentials provides information on how to build, compare, and apply highly-available, fault-tolerant, scalable cloud solutions. The course requires no prior knowledge of cloud computing or AWS products and services.
  • Non-technical roles: AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials reviews core AWS services, such as compute, network, databases, and storage, to help them contribute to their organization’s cloud initiatives.

Learn the basics of AWS networking services for technical roles

AWS Networking Basics is a 90-minute, fundamental course for cloud architects, network engineers, operations staff, and developers. Learners will get a comprehensive overview of AWS networking services and learn about the purpose of each AWS networking option.

Two fundamental courses available about AWS compute

Two, 40-minute fundamental courses about compute are available for cloud architects, DevOps engineers, operations staff, and developers.

  • AWS Compute Services Overview reviews the differences among three AWS compute options — Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), containers, and serverless technologies — and how to make the right choice for your workloads.
  • AWS Compute EC2 Basics reviews Amazon EC2 options and allows learners to make informed decisions about the right compute option for workloads.

Take an updated primer about Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Primer is an updated 75-minute, intermediate course for cloud architects, developers, and DevOps engineers who want to learn about container management and orchestration for Kubernetes using Amazon EKS. Learn how Amazon EKS manages the Kubernetes control plane and parts of the data plane; how Amazon EKS integrates with other AWS services; what are the cost considerations for Amazon EKS; and how to monitor applications running on Amazon EKS clusters. Learners taking the course should first complete Introduction to Containers.

Learn how to audit activities in the AWS Cloud

Getting Started with AWS CloudTrail is a 60-minute, fundamental course for cloud administrators, architects, and engineers; security architects and engineers; DevOps roles; and AWS Partners. The course outlines how to build a governance solution for the AWS Cloud and teaches about CloudTrail architecture, pricing, use cases, and how to use the service to build audit solutions. Activities include monitoring, storing, and validating events for authenticity, identifying security incidents by detecting unauthorized access, and using machine learning models to spot unusual activity in AWS accounts.

AWS Classroom Training

Secure workloads on the AWS Cloud

Need to establish and maintain a secure posture in the AWS Cloud? AWS Security Best Practices (Customers, Amazonians) and AWS Partner: Security Best Practices (Technical) (Partners, Amazonians) are for architects and engineers designing and implementing solutions for securing workloads. In this one-day, intermediate classroom course, an AWS instructor will dive deep into configuration best practices for specific tools to secure network infrastructure, harden compute resources, and quicken response to suspicious events. Learn how to scale securely with superior visibility, automate and reduce risks with deeply integrated services, and build with the highest standards for privacy and data security. Prior to taking the course, which includes four modules and three hands-on labs, learners should have familiarity with AWS services and a strong background in information security concepts, techniques, and paradigms in the areas of networking, operating systems, data encryption, and operational controls. Prerequisites include AWS Security Fundamentals (Second Edition) and AWS Security Essentials. This course also provides preparation for the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification exam.

AWS Partners

Build a data warehousing solution

AWS Partner: Building Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift (Technical) (Partners, Amazonians) is a one-day, intermediate classroom course for data warehouse engineers, data platform engineers, architects, and operators who build and manage data analytics pipelines. Partners will learn about the Amazon Redshift service, including how to integrate it with a data lake to support both analytics and machine learning workloads to generate data insights quicker. They also learn how to apply security, performance, and cost-management best practices to the operation of Amazon Redshift. Before enrolling, Partners should complete AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, AWS Partner: Accreditation (Technical), and AWS Partner: Data Analytics on AWS (Technical) (digital, classroom).

AWS Certification

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam update

Starting November 15, 2022, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam is changing. If you are preparing for the current exam, be sure to take it by November 14, 2022. The exam’s updated version aligns with the AWS Well-Architected Framework across all domains and is appropriate for solutions architects, senior partner solutions architects, senior technical account managers, senior consultants, and senior cloud infrastructure architects. View the updated exam guide and sample questions to familiarize yourself with the new exam. The free practice question sets for this exam will be available in Q3 2022.

Registration opens June 14 for updated AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty exam

The first day to take the new AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty exam is July 12, 2022, and registration opens June 14. The new version has updated content across all domains, as well as new topics aligned with AWS networking innovations. Network design is a critical foundation for organizations looking to migrate workloads to—or build new workloads in—AWS. The AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty certification validates knowledge and skills in implementing AWS network services to meet performance, cost, and security requirements. If you are preparing for the current exam, be sure to take it by July 11, 2022. If you prefer to take the updated exam, an exam guide and sample questions already are available. The free practice question set in English will be available when registration opens June 14, 2022; the free practice question sets in other languages will be available on August 2, 2022.

Practice question sets in all exam languages available for AWS Certified SAP on AWS – Specialty

Free practice question sets for the AWS Certified SAP on AWS – Specialty exam are now available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean, in addition to English. The exam validates knowledge and skills in designing, implementing, and managing SAP workloads on AWS.

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