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AWS Week in Review – February 8, 2016

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week:


February 8


February 9


February 10


February 11


February 12


February 13


February 14

New & Notable Open Source

  • Vault is a tool for managing secrets.
  • credstash is a little utility for managing credentials in the cloud.
  • microservices-playground is for microservices running on AWS in a Docker Container using ECS.
  • aws-role-editor is a Google Chrome extension to modify roles in the AWS Console.
  • aws-request-signer is a Google Chrome extension that signs requests to AWS endpoints using SigV4.
  • conan-aws-lambda is an AWS Lambda plugin for Conan the Deployer.
  • aws-nats is a Python and CloudFormation script to run a NATS cluster in AWS.
  • shepherd is a framework for building APIs using AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda.
  • aws-lambda-ffmpeg ia an AWS Lambda function that resizes a video and outputs a thumbnail using FFmpeg.
  • aerosol is a DSL and Gem for defining an AWS architecture.

New SlideShare Presentations

New Customer Success Stories

  • Bazaarvoice –  The company offers a technology platform and services that help customers collect and analyze consumer content, using that data to increase sales and improve their products and services.
  • Bitdefender – By using AWS, the developers at Bitdefender have additional tools to innovate and scale on demand with near-zero downtime, offering customers flexible, cost-effective security solutions.
  • The Globe and Mail – The Globe and Mail is using AWS to deliver dynamic, personalized content to its readers, helping boost reader engagement by 25 percent.
  • gumi Asia – Using AWS has enabled gumi Asia to achieve 99.5 percent availability, support demand peaks 50 percent higher than normal with no impact on performance, and avoid system redundancy and staffing costs.
  • Intermountain Healthcare – Intermountain Healthcare, using AWS and working with APN partner Syapse, can provide fast, cloud-based services to oncologists across the United States so they can deliver precision medicine to cancer patients.
  • Invision – Using AWS, InVision can offer its workforce management solution at one tenth of the cost of its physical software product, helping it to lower its costs to contact-center customers and reach a previously untapped 85 percent of the market.

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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