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I received an interesting tweet last night. Steve Goldsmith of ITOC Australia (an APN Advanced Consulting Partner and recipient of an AWS Customer Obsession award earlier this year) asked me if I had a historical timeline of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance launches:

I didn’t have one, but it seemed like a worthwhile thing to have and so I spent a few minutes putting the following list together (these are all announcement dates):

  • August 2006m1.small.
  • October 2007m1.large, m1.xlarge.
  • May 2008c1.medium, c1.xlarge.
  • October 2009m2.2xlarge, m2.4xlarge.
  • February 2010m2.xlarge.
  • July 2010cc1.4xlarge.
  • September 2010t1.micro.
  • November 2010cg1.4xlarge.
  • November 2011cc2.8xlarge.
  • March 2012m1.medium.
  • July 2012hi1.4xlarge.
  • October 2012m3.xlarge, m3.2xlarge.
  • December 2012hs1.8xlarge.
  • January 2013cr1.8xlarge.
  • November 2013c3.large, c3.xlarge, c3.2xlarge, c3.4xlarge, c3.8xlarge.
  • November 2013g2.2xlarge.
  • December 2013i2.xlarge, i2.2xlarge, i2.4xlarge, i2.8xlarge.
  • January 2014m3.medium, m3.large.
  • April 2014r3.large, r3.xlarge, r3.2xlarge, r3.4xlarge, r3.8xlarge.
  • July 2014t2.micro, t2.small, t2.medium.
  • January 2015c4.large, c4.xlarge, c4.2xlarge, c4.4xlarge, c4.8xlarge.
  • March 2015d2.xlarge, d2.2xlarge, d2.4xlarge, d2.8xlarge.
  • April 2015g2.8xlarge.
  • June 2015t2.large.
  • June 2015m4.large, m4.xlarge, m4.2xlarge, m4.4xlarge, m4.10xlarge.
  • December 2015t2.nano.
  • May 2016x1.32xlarge.
  • September 2016m4.16xlarge.
  • September 2016p2.xlarge, p2.8xlarge, p2.16xlarge.
  • October 2016x1.16xlarge.
  • November 2016f1.2xlarge, f1.16xlarge.
  • November 2016r4.large, r4.xlarge, r4.2xlarge, r4.4xlarge, r4.8xlarge, r4.16xlarge.
  • November 2016t2.xlarge, t2.2xlarge.
  • November 2016i3.largei3.xlarge, i3.2xlarge, i3.4xlarge, i3.8xlarge, i3.16xlarge.
  • November 2016c5.large, c5.xlarge, c5.2xlarge, c5.4xlarge, c5.8xlarge, c5.16xlarge.
  • July 2017g3.4xlarge, g3.8xlarge, g3.16xlarge.
  • September 2017x1e.32xlarge.
  • October 2017p3.2xlarge, p3.8xlarge, p3.16xlarge.
  • November 2017x1e.xlarge, x1e.2xlarge, x1e.4xlarge, x1e.8xlarge, x1e.16xlarge.
  • November 2017m5.large, m5.xlarge, m5.2xlarge, m5.4xlarge, m5.12xlarge, m5.24xlarge.
  • November 2017h1.2xlarge, h1.4xlarge, h1.8xlarge, h1.16xlarge.
  • November 2017i3.metal.
  • May 2018c5d.large, c5d.xlarge, c5d.2xlarge, c5d.4xlarge, c5d.9xlarge, c5d.18xlarge.
  • June 2018m5d.large, m5d.xlarge, m5d.2xlarge, m5d.4xlarge, m5d.12xlarge, m5d.24xlarge.
  • July 2018z1d.large, z1d.xlarge, z1d.2xlarge, z1d.3xlarge, z1d.6xlarge, z1d.12xlarge, z1d.metal, r5.large, r5.xlarge, r5.2xlarge, r5.4xlarge, r5.12xlarge, r5.metal, r5.24xlarge, r5d.large, r5d.xlarge, r5d.2xlarge, r5d.4xlarge, r5d.12xlarge, r5d.24xlarge, r5d.metal.
  • August 2018t3.nano, t3.micro, t3.small, t3.medium, t3.large, t3.2xlarge.
  • September 2018u-6tb1.metal, u-9tb1.metal, u-12tb1.metal.
  • October 2018g3s.xlarge.
  • November 2018m5a.large, m5a.xlarge, m5a.2xlarge, m5a.4xlarge, m5a.12xlarge, m5a.24xlarge, r5a.large, r5a.xlarge, r5a.2xlarge, r5a.4xlarge, r5a.12xlarge, r5a.24xlarge.
  • November 2018c5n.large, c5n.xlarge, c5n.2xlarge, c5x.9xlarge, c5n.18xlarge.
  • November 2018a1.medium, a1.large, a1.xlarge, a1.2xlarge, a1.4xlarge.
  • February 2019m5.metal, m5d.metal.
  • March 2019g4.
  • March 2019m5ad.large, m5ad.xlarge, m5ad.2xlarge, m5ad.4xlarge, m5ad.12xlarge, m5ad.24xlarge, r5ad.large, r5ad.xlarge, r5ad.2xlarge, r5ad.4xlarge, r5ad.12xlarge, r5ad.24xlarge.
  • May 2019 – 18 TB and 24 TB High Memory.
  • May 2019i3en.largei3en.xlargei3en.2xlargei3en.3xlargei3en.6xlargei3en.12xlargei3en.24xlarge.
  • June 2019r5.8xlarge, r5a.8xlarge, r5d.8xlarge, r5.16xlarge, r5a.16xlarge, r5d.16xlarge, m5.8xlarge, m5a.8xlarge, m5d.8xlarge, m5.16xlarge, m5a.16xlarge, m5d.16xlarge.
  • June 2019c5.12xlarge, c5.24xlarge, c5.metal.
  • August 2019c5n.metal, i3en.metal.
  • September 2019g4dn.xlarge, g4dn.2xlarge, g4dn.4xlarge, g4dn.8xlarge, g4dn.12xlarge, g4dn.16xlarge.
  • October 2019 r5dn.large, r5dn.xlarge, r5dn.2xlarge, r5dn.4xlarge, r5dn.8xlarge, r5dn.12xlarge, r5dn.16xlarge, r5dn.24xlarge, r5n.large, r5n.xlarge, r5n.2xlarge, r5n.4xlarge, r5n.8xlarge, r5n.12xlarge, r5n.16xlarge, r5n.24xlarge, m5dn.large, m5dn.xlarge, m5dn.2xlarge, m5dn.4xlarge, m5dn.8xlarge, m5dn.12xlarge, m5dn.16xlarge, m5dn.24xlarge, m5n.large, m5n.xlarge, m5n.2xlarge, m5n.4xlarge, m5n.8xlarge, m5n.12xlarge, m5n.16xlarge, m5n.24xlarge.
  • November 2019c5d.metal, c5d.12xlarge, c5d.24xlarge.
  • December 2019inf1.xlarge, inf1.2xlarge, inf1.6xlarge, inf1.24xlarge.
  • December 2019m6g, m6gd, c6g, c6gd, r6g, r6gd.
  • June 2020c5a.large, c5a.xlarge, c5a.2xlarge, c5a.4xlarge, c5a.8xlarge, c5a.12xlarge, c5a.16xlarge, c5a.24xlarge.
  • September 2020t4g.nano, t4g.micro, t4g.small, t4g.medium, t4g.large, t4g.xlarge, t4g.2xlarge.
  • September 2020c5.12xlarge, c5.24xlarge, c5.metal.
  • December 2020mac1.metal.
  • December 2020d3.xlarge, d3.2xlarge, d3.4xlarge, d3.8xlarge, d3en.xlarge, d3.2xlarge, d3.4xlarge, d3.6xlarge, d3.8xlarge, d3.12xlarge.
  • December 2020r5b.large, r5b.xlarge, r5b.2xlarge, r5b.4xlarge, r5b.8xlarge, r5b.12xlarge, r5b.16xlarge, r5b.24xlarge, r5b.metal.
  • December 2020m5zn.large, m5zn.xlarge, m5zn.2xlarge, m5zn.3xlarge, m5zn.6xlarge, m5zn.12xlarge, m5zn.metal.
  • December 2020g4ad.4xlarge, g4ad.8xlarge, g4ad.16xlarge.
  • December 2020c6gn.medium, c6gn.large, c6gn.xlarge, c6gn.2xlarge, c6gn.4xlarge, c6gn.8xlarge, c6gn.12xlarge, c6gn.16xlarge.
  • February 2021m5n.metal, m5dn.metal, r5n.metal, r5dn.metal.
  • March 2021x2gd.medium, x2gd.large, x2gd.xlarge, x2gd.4xlarge, x2gd.8xlarge, x2gd.12xlarge, x2gd.16xlarge, x2gd.metal.
  • May 2021u-6tb1.56xlarge, u-6tb1.112xlarge, u-9tb1.112xlarge, u-12tb1.112xlarge.


PS – The EC2 Instance Timeline shows this data in another way. Be sure to check it out!

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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