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Securing Amazon ECS workloads on AWS Fargate with customer managed keys

As Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said, “Encryption is the tool we have to make sure that nobody else has access to your data. Amazon Web Services (AWS) built encryption into nearly all of its 165 cloud services. Make use of it. Dance like nobody is watching. Encrypt like everyone is.” Security is the top priority […]

Implementing network traffic inspection on AWS Outposts rack

This blog post is written by Brian Daugherty, Principal Solutions Architect. Enrico Liguori, Solution Architect, Networking. Sedji Gaouaou, Senior Solution Architect, Hybrid Cloud. Network traffic inspection on AWS Outposts rack is a crucial aspect of making sure of security and compliance within your on-premises environment. With network traffic inspection, you can gain visibility into the […]

Getting started with TestState

Accelerating workflow development with the TestState API in AWS Step Functions

The TestState API helps developers to iterate faster, resolve issues efficiently, and deliver high-quality applications with greater confidence. By enabling developers to test individual states independently and integrating testing into their preferred development workflows, it simplifies the debugging process and reduces context switches.

DR from on-premises to Outposts

Architecting for Disaster Recovery on AWS Outposts Racks with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

This blog post is written by Brianna Rosentrater, Hybrid Edge Specialist SA. AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Service (AWS DRS) now supports disaster recovery (DR) architectures that include on-premises Windows and Linux workloads running on AWS Outposts. AWS DRS minimizes downtime and data loss with fast, reliable recovery of on-premises and cloud-based applications using affordable storage, […]

2024 Q1 calendar

Serverless ICYMI Q1 2024

Welcome to the 25th edition of the AWS Serverless ICYMI (in case you missed it) quarterly recap. Every quarter, we share all the most recent product launches, feature enhancements, blog posts, webinars, live streams, and other interesting things that you might have missed! In case you missed our last ICYMI, check out what happened last […]

Karpenter consolidation, replacing one 2xlarge Amazon EC2 Instance with an xlarge Amazon EC2 Instance.

Applying Spot-to-Spot consolidation best practices with Karpenter

This post is written by Robert Northard – AWS Container Specialist Solutions Architect, and Carlos Manzanedo Rueda – AWS WW SA Leader for Efficient Compute Karpenter is an open source node lifecycle management project built for Kubernetes. In this post, you will learn how to use the new Spot-to-Spot consolidation functionality released in Karpenter v0.34.0, […]

Sending and receiving CloudEvents with Amazon EventBridge

Amazon EventBridge helps developers build event-driven architectures (EDA) by connecting loosely coupled publishers and consumers using event routing, filtering, and transformation. CloudEvents is an open-source specification for describing event data in a common way. Developers can publish CloudEvents directly to EventBridge, filter and route them, and use input transformers and API Destinations to send CloudEvents […]