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KPIs – Enterprise Journey from Technology to Business

As discussed in this blog post, AWS sees organizations with well-defined, tracked and aligned business key performance indicators (KPIs) thrive in their cloud transformation journey. However, it is a challenge to define and track these KPIs. Even when organizations align to track outcomes and there is value in doing so, some encounter difficulties focusing on […]

Migrate Business Logic from Database to Application for Faster Innovation and Flexibility

Migrate Business Logic from Database to Application for Faster Innovation and Flexibility

This post was co-authored with Alex Kirpichny and Evgenia Chernyak (from Ispirer Systems) Introduction Many monolith applications have business logic in the database layer in the form of stored procedures and functions. Businesses have built and maintained their applications using PL/SQL, a reliable and robust programming language. As the technology landscape advances, harnessing the capabilities […]

Accelerate your cloud migration journey to unlock innovation, increase resiliency, and optimize cost

The ability of businesses to innovate is constantly reshaped by disruptive events and technological advancements. Recent global events, such as the pandemic and the rapid emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), have compelled companies across various industries to reevaluate and make crucial strategic pivots. One such move has been the embrace of cloud computing. It’s a […]

The Migration Well-Architected Review – a Mechanism to validate your migration for AWS best practices.

On January 24, we announced the availability of the AWS Well-Architected Migration Lens whitepaper. The Migration Lens extends the Well-Architected Framework to include best practices and implementation guidance you apply to your migration program across the three migration phases: Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate. The AWS Well-Architected Framework comprises design principles, and best practices across six […]

Selecting your first workloads to migrate your organization to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Introduction Selecting your first workloads to migrate your organization to AWS is a key stage in delivering a successful migration. In this blog post we provide guidance on how to select early migration candidates. We cover how selecting these candidates can help to kick-off a successful migration, reduce risk, and build skills inside your organization. […]

Delivering Business Value with Cloud Platform Teams

Imagine a world where software developers build applications quickly on the cloud, focusing on innovative features, unburdened by complex infrastructure and intricate configurations. Welcome to the era of the cloud platform team. Cloud platform teams build internal tools, automation, and self-service infrastructure to free developers from commodity tasks and enable them to innovate faster. However, […]

Anonymizing Sensitive Data of the Migration Evaluator’s Export File

1. Introduction Migration Evaluator is a complimentary migration assessment service that helps customers to create a data-driven directional business case for migrating workloads to AWS. It includes a data collection tool that discovers server workloads running on-premises, along with their utilization patterns. Data from the Migration Evaluator collector needs to be received by the AWS […]

Accelerate Cloud Transformation: Migrate workloads in Weeks with our EBA Migration Parties

Migrations are complex and involve many teams from all levels of an organization. A 2020 Accenture Cloud Value Study found the top barriers to cloud value realization outlined by 700+ IT leaders were misalignment, legacy infrastructure, and lack of skills. Organizations want to keep their applications secure and compliant as they move to the cloud, […]

Why a Cloud Operating Model?

A thought leadership blog highlighting an “innovative approach” to Cloud Operations excellence and Well-Architected goals. This blog walks you through MuleSoft carrying out this new approach including their: Challenge Innovation Journey Implementation of the Cloud Operating Model Challenge Whether companies are migrating to the cloud, or cloud-native, executives are faced with controlling costs and continuous […]

Choose Wisely and Quickly: A Rapid, Data-Driven Approach to Prioritize Applications for Modernization

Figure 1 – Break free from analysis paralysis In today’s dynamic landscape, companies are seeking faster time-to-value for their business initiatives through cloud adoption. As businesses evolve and embrace digital transformation, application modernization becomes a critical aspect of their cloud journey and an imperative for value creation. Modernizing your applications helps you reduce costs, gain […]