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Hand-Selected for Hands-On Experience: 7 Popular Classroom Courses Now Offered with AWS Jam

Editor’s Note 8/6/2021: You can now schedule a one-day, standalone AWS Jam facilitated by an expert AWS instructor. You have the flexibility to schedule an AWS Jam on any day for your team, regardless of whether they’ve previously joined an AWS Training class. Work with an AWS instructor to create a tailored set of challenges based on your needs, or select a set of challenges aligned to the courses mentioned in this post. Contact us.

Seven of our popular three-day, instructor-led courses are now available with an optional fourth-day AWS Jam for your team. AWS Jam is a day of experiential learning packed with gamified challenges that put your newfound skills to the test! In addition to the hands-on labs that are part of the courses themselves, this fourth day of curated and instructor-facilitated challenges allows you to use AWS to address real-world scenarios. AWS Jam helps you maximize learning and build your team’s capabilities in the AWS Cloud.

AWS Jam extends the flexibility and relevance of our private-classroom courses. The addition of AWS Jam to these seven popular courses brings a gamified experience to help reinforce the learning while it’s fresh. In these courses, you and your team receive curated challenges that align to the services and topics covered in the course and emulate real AWS use cases. Participants work together to play, learn, and get points on the leaderboard for solving problems and applying their skills.

Vincent Low, head of solution delivery and integration technology at the Singapore Exchange, had this to say about his experience: “AWS Jam was a great way for the team to interact, bond, learn, and get hands-on experience all at the same time. The adrenaline kick definitely helped in the overall learning experience.”

AWS Jams also allows you to discuss your actual workloads and applications with an expert AWS instructor while learning best practices. The experience helps you build a common vocabulary and skill set to assist in accelerating your adoption of the AWS Cloud. Adding a low-risk, fun option to the courses allows you to further practice practical AWS skills and learn to innovate and solve problems as a team.

The following AWS Training classroom courses are now available in four-day, private-delivery variations that include an AWS Jam:

These courses are now available in all geographies and delivered in English. To learn more about our course offerings, visit our website.